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Facebook is the need of today not for those seeking friends, but also for the business persons who want to broaden their reach to a greater audience. Facebook’s outreach is rapidly extending. More and more people are

Google Analytics Made Easy by Google+ Pages Dashboard Update

Analytics advocate at Google Inc., Daniel Waisberg had recently announced for an update to your Google+ business pages, taking into account the addition of information regarding Google Analytics directly to the dashboards of pages. In stark language,

5 Ways How to optimize Facebook Wall Posts for Action

Facebook should invariably opt for a theme song. Most suitable will be David Bowie’s all time hit “Changes”, due to the constant and mysterious changes coming for its algorithm. It is also not easy for all of

Tips on How to Tackle Your Social Profile

Insight of the never ending daily activities, most people don’t have sufficient time to improve their Facebook and Google+ profiles. It is not a pleasant fact, because many networks will argue about it, as a new social media

Tips to Avoid Social Networking Addiction

It does not matter even if you are the ultimate networking hybrid! As long as you don’t face off with the Community Manager Multi Personality Disorder at least for once in your life. When it comes to

Social Media- A Nightmare with Scary Monsters!

Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, linked-in, Yelp, Foursquare, Instagram, YouTube, Delicious & dig, etc. are becoming a part of our daily life. Every common person is registered on these social networks and communicates with others

4 Reasons To Buy Facebook Likes To Strengthen Your Online Presence

If you are seriously into internet marketing and plan to promote your business online, you must have considered optimizing your website for search engines. What is the best way to do so, to get your website rank


Many of the business enthusiasts are now days trying to gain popularity by link building and SEO techniques and showing their presence by natural link followers through different social platforms. In this techno-crazy environment it becomes necessary