Why Google alphabet on reddit are not popular a years ago

Google has been ruling the internet for a long time now and the internet giant experienced many changes in the past 16 years. From just being a search engine, it became the largest and most powerful tech

6 Best Instagram Tools for Businesses

By now, social insects from all over the internet are aware of the subtle and powerful prowess of Instagram. Most know it for its riveting photo-sharing capabilities that help strengthen the bonds of friends and families; others

Writing Tweets that Bring Retweets

Over the years, Twitter has inadvertently earned the reputation of being a medium where visibility doesn’t come easy. However, the number of people who have shot to fame through the micro-blogging platform is proof enough to negate

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Twitter receives more than 700 million daily inquiries and 15 billion tweets that make it a fundamental segment to any digital marketing methodology. Twitter’s prosperity is not astonishing, however, given its remarkable balance of business and excellent

Top 5 Twitter Marketing Tips for Internet Marketers

What started as a microblogging site has emerged as a valuable and indispensible digital marketing tool over the years. Given the large number of people that use Twitter globally, it is only obvious that this social media

Calculating the Impact of Mobile Friendly Update

A week before the rollout of the April 21st update, Google’s Zineb Ait Bahajji from the Webmaster Trends team was saw quoting, “the impact of the update would be more than all pandas and penguins taken together”.

Why I like SocialPilot as my Best Social Media Campaigner?

More than 72% of US adults accessing the Internet use social media sites. Around 40% of these social network users will use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social sites for researching products, brands and services before they

Ninja Blaster – Simple, Affordable and Highly Effective Online Marketing Solution

The online marketing scenario is too vast and complicated today. I know about the benefits of SEO and social media marketing. I had hired a couple of professionals to run my campaigns and I found that the

Instagram Launches Layout App for Better Photo Storytelling

Instagram has been the leading photo-sharing social site for years. The company has evolved with its features and taken the photo collages to the next level. There is a new app for iPhone users, known as Instagram

7 Reasons Why Businesses Should Care About Social Media in 2015

Tweets, likes, regrams, follows, hashtags, RTs, #YOLO… It’s not always easy for businesses to unpick and realise the value of social media. Often social media can seem throwaway, frivolous or a waste of time. Yet look to

Now Read News Stories Directly on Facebook without Clicking on Links

Today more people get their news updates on social sites than on traditional media. And Facebook is the biggest player in that list. So Mark Zuckerberg cannot afford to miss out on that big opportunity. Now the

Facebook Launches Riff for Creating and Editing Videos of up to 20 Seconds

Facebook has been video conscious for a long time now. It has now released a new video app known as Riff. The social site’s objective behind launching the new app is to make it easier to share