Smart ways to use Social Media for Knowledge Sharing for in 2017

Knowledge remains as one of the most important strategic resources till date. In the postmodern world of businesses, it can be used as a tool to improve organization from within, but also to improve customer satisfaction. It

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It is less than a second to hit the most favorable social media portal like Facebook to meet cute sweethearts for chatting. Facebook is the real time virtual entertainment portal for trillion daters and visitors to share

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Not every social media marketing campaign is a success for a company. According to Sydney online marketing experts, there are a number of reasons for those failures, ranging from tiny errors that customers pick up on, to

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Social media had humble beginnings as a means of keeping connected with those we care about, regardless of the distance. Since those beginnings, well, let’s just say it has changed a lot. Today, social media is a

How Facebook Events Can Help You With Your Marketing?

Most part of marketing revolves around ‘publicity’ and ‘customer relations’. To get that publicity, businesses need to organize some public events that can enhance the customer relations of a business. This formula is most applicable to businesses

Influences and Challenges of Social Media & Chat Apps

The ever growing influence of social media and chat apps has indeed made this world flat. You could connect with individuals or groups virtually from any corner of the world.  All this with a supportive device and

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Social media allows us to create great ad campaigns to promote our services and products. We invest a lot on boosting our campaigns and reaching more audience. But, isn’t it necessary to know the emotions and opinions

How To Re-Engage Your Email Subscribers

There are probably multiple ways and places that you ask customers to engage with you via email. Maybe they can opt in right when visiting your site. Or perhaps they can sign up for different types of