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With the rise of YouTubers and YouTube channel, you could find new channels opening every day. Not to surprise, most of them fail to get the traction of the crowd as they are not opened with the

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While selling online is extremely popular these days, owning a brick and mortar store has it’s own benefits. With a physical store, you may not be able to reach out to many people living in the next

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In January this year, Facebook had close to 1900 million active users. WhatsApp had 1000. Instagram came in at 600, Tumblr at 550 and Pinterest and LinkedIn hovering somewhere in the hundreds. Is there anyone who still

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Recent reports have discussed the goings-on at Facebook HQ, where the social media giant’s researchers were forced to shut down their artificial intelligence (AI) to prevent them from talking to one another and inventing their own unknown

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Ever logged in to your Facebook profile only to be greeted with a funny looking post that went something like, “What kind of a dog breed are you?”, “Which famous personality were you in your previous life?”,

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To all those who’ve been trying to get some extra likes by using some popular but irrelevant hashtags, this method is dead now. Instagram has been upgrading its algorithm smartly to block all these types of unusual

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