What you need to know about social networking?

Social network You have heard of the word social network before, right? If not, a social network is a site that connects people together and helps them to share ideas. Besides, people get to interact and also

The Importance of Social Media Engagement to Startup Businesses

If your startup business involves handicrafts, you might have been looking into any of the several Etsy alternatives that exist at the moment, especially after hearing the news about the said e-commerce site raising the fees it

MyTweetAlerts: Discover Leads & Find Opportunities in Real-Time

More than half a billion tweets are created everyday on the most popular micro-blogging site. Imagine being able to filter through all that and being able to pull up tweets relevant to your business. You would certainly

Why Use Social Media For Business – 7 Tips To Setup Success

Social media can be an excellent way for business owners to find and connect with new customers. According to study, more than 50 percent of business owners across the globe rely on social as their primary digital-marketing

How Using Messengers Influences Literacy

Today, almost all use messengers, but they are especially popular with students of any age. Both parents and educators might suggest that since the constant messaging distracts students from whatever they are doing, then it must cause

How to Get More Shares On Your Facebook Posts

By: Claudio Miguel, Having developed your social media strategy, built an exciting Facebook fan base for your company and promoted your online presence using various methods to grow a Facebook page, the only lacking component is

Here’s How Millennials can Impact Your Social Media Marketing Strategies

Social media marketing is one of the best approaches to the marketing of a company or product in the recent times. There is a vast array of advantages from social media marketing. Social media helps by being

Do You Want To Become a Social Media Influencer? We Have The Best App For The Purpose!

In the recent years, the social media platforms have taken the world by storm. Isn’t it? All of us have our accounts present in any one of the platforms which are available and we make sure to

21 Stunning Examples of Businesses Using Instagram

Instagram as an important social network for business. Instagram is a social network and an application that is fully focused on the photo content, but last year, users were given the opportunity to add short videos (up

Top 6 Ways to Increase Your Brand Visibility on Social Media

Over the year, buying patterns and behaviors of consumers in the digital space have shifted drastically. For most people, the items they need to buy are just a click away. Increasingly, buyers are opting to shop using

How to Utilize the Power of Social Media for Engaging With Your Followers

As social media’s influence and size has grown dramatically in recent years, it has become a powerful medium for engaging with your followers. What makes this ‘media’ different from other traditional media is that it enables two-way

Why You Should Build A Following On Social Media

While social media started as a way to keep in touch and stay updated with friends and family, businesses have come to realize that it is a way to connect with their customers as well. People are