4 Ways to Use Social Media to Sell Your Valuables

There are many types of social media that people used to pass their extra time. Without a doubt, people used the internet and social media often, whether its for work or entertainment. Social media was made for

Want to Know Which Companies Are Leaving Their Customers on Hold? Just Check Twitter

If there’s one reason why Twitter is a smash among 80% of affluent millennials, it’s because people like to ramble on about what they’re doing, what they’ve had for lunch, or why their job stinks. The best

8 Traits of a Successful Social Media Marketer

With the unstoppable rise of social media platforms there’s no doubt that the need for a social media marketer has increased and will do so into the near future.  But what exactly does a social media marketer

Top 10 Most Popular Facebook Accounts in the World

Nowadays celebrities and social media have a special bonding. Most of the popular celebrities use social media sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter as their best platform to promote their special events, upcoming movies or albums. No

Look At The Permission Setting Of The Social Media Channels To Avoid Effecting Web Traffic

It goes without saying that you will need to meet with the requirements and abide by the regulations of the social media channels to make the best use of it. Since different social media platforms have different

Steps for Planning a Social Media Marketing Strategy in 2019

The world of social media is nothing less than a marathon race. With seconds, things change completely. Social media strategies need to be designed careful after analysing and checking what the audience prefers. For instance, Facebook is

Grow your Instagram Account

We live in a world where if you’re not online, you are irrelevant. But in such a world, how do you make sure your brand stands out amongst the scores of others competing for your target audience’s

Why you need more followers on Instagram

Do you like sharing photos and videos online? If yes, then the best platform for you is Instagram, a social network that’s all about images and video sharing. Instagram is massively popular after Facebook by reaching 800

What you need to know about social networking?

Social network You have heard of the word social network before, right? If not, a social network is a site that connects people together and helps them to share ideas. Besides, people get to interact and also

The Importance of Social Media Engagement to Startup Businesses

If your startup business involves handicrafts, you might have been looking into any of the several Etsy alternatives that exist at the moment, especially after hearing the news about the said e-commerce site raising the fees it

MyTweetAlerts: Discover Leads & Find Opportunities in Real-Time

More than half a billion tweets are created everyday on the most popular micro-blogging site. Imagine being able to filter through all that and being able to pull up tweets relevant to your business. You would certainly

Why Use Social Media For Business – 7 Tips To Setup Success

Social media can be an excellent way for business owners to find and connect with new customers. According to study, more than 50 percent of business owners across the globe rely on social as their primary digital-marketing