Best JPG to Word converter Softwares

The idea of converting JPEG files into editable formats is the need of the hour for professionals working in publishing and media industry. This was really not possible with the older options available in the printing and

BOOM! An awesome talk with Ritesh Sarvaiya, the founder of Defencely

I chanced upon this opportunity to interview Ritesh Sarvaiya, the founder of Defencely, one of the leading Indian security experts providing round-the-clock security services to major global websites. I would like to share the highlights of this interview

How to recover data from iPhone device

Today we actually live on our mobile phones. Be it surfing the internet or sending some important information by message or saving our business and personal contacts; without the mobile phone in hand all seems lost. But

Elaborated Process To Open Encrypted NSF File in MS Outlook

Lotus Notes is widely used in some corporatesectors and Business enterprises to communicate with each other. What make it  the most powerful emailing application is its security features that protect confidential data from being misused or theft.

How to Unlock and Remove Password from PDF Documents?

This is a guest post by my colleague Steven Hodgin from Portable Document Format file, commonly known as PDF file is a widely used file type for publishing text and image documents on the World Wide

Acclaimed Reasons behind the Enormous Recognition of RoR Development Framework

Ruby on Rails (RoR) is the merger of the programming language Ruby and the web programming framework Rails. The ruby on rails development framework emphasizes on two chief development philosophies namely CoC (Convention over Configuration) and DRY

The Benefits Of EPOS Software

These days if you are running a retail operation you will almost certainly have to sell via several channels in order to sustain a successful business. With an increasing number of sales being made online and an