Facebook Announces Plan for Video Format Ads

The F8 Facebook Developer Conference was recently held at the Ford Mason Center in California. The social giant introduced its new Messenger as one of the first features. The new and better Messenger Platform was amongst several

A Guide to Making your Gmail Address Public in the New Social Environment

In an increasingly social environment disclosing your email in public can be seen as a friendly gesture. But it can also open all the pathways allowing spams and other maladies to make their way into your inbox.

How to recover data from iPhone device

Today we actually live on our mobile phones. Be it surfing the internet or sending some important information by message or saving our business and personal contacts; without the mobile phone in hand all seems lost. But

Facebook Messenger v4.0 Introduces Voice Call to Compete with WhatsApp

Facebook has updated its popular Messenger to v4.0 for Android, and it comes with a series of new features including Free Voice Calls and Groups. WhatsApp is already rolling out voice call feature to its Android users

6 Pocket-Friendly Mobile apps for hoteliers

Have you ever book a hotel without talking to a single individual or book massage for Spa treatment without dialling a single number? No? Then you will soon knock it in near future. With the on-going trend

Gmail Receives an Update for More Time Saving and Convenience

Google has updated its popular webmail service, Gmail, and there are some major new updates to keep you sticking with the service. There is a reason Gmail continues to be among the top two email clients. Google’s

WhatsApp Voice Calls will Come to iOS in a Few Weeks

WhatsApp has eventually announced that its voice call feature will be available for iOS users in a few weeks. Android users have already been making voice calls over the app for almost a month. The announcement came

Facebook Adds Payment Processing Feature on Messenger

PayPal and a few other payment processors were the only online payment options available to users in the past. Then Google introduced Google Wallet and Google Checkout, and Apple came with Apple Pay, and a few more

Elaborated Process To Open Encrypted NSF File in MS Outlook

Lotus Notes is widely used in some corporatesectors and Business enterprises to communicate with each other. What make it  the most powerful emailing application is its security features that protect confidential data from being misused or theft.

Windows 10 Set to Come on Microsoft Lumia 430

Microsoft could be launching Windows 10 anytime in the next few weeks. And the easiest way to have a Windows 10 device is to own the new Lumia 430. The dual-sim phone comes with Windows Phone 8.1,

WhatsApp Becomes Serious about its BlackBerry Users with a new Beta Launch

WhatsApp is the most widely used mobile chatting system in the world. It has been most prevalent on Android, iOS and Symbian platforms. But BlackBerry has maintained a general distance from it because it has its own

Cyber Scam on rise in the name of Whatsapp voice calling

So, you’ve heard about the cool voice calling feature of Whatsapp. And of course you want to try it out. But while you are more than a little eager to this awesome feature on your phone, cyber