Why Kepard VPN Is The Perfect Online Security Service For Personal Users?

I use Kepard premium VPN to protect my private online presence and activities. I have been using their service for over a year and at just $2.9 per month (annual package). That is quite affordable or individuals

Create and Verify Paypal Account In India

Today here we have a complete guide to How to Create and Verify Paypal Account in India. Every internet marketer, Blogger, Freelancer and online entrepreneur need the best trusted payment tool to carry successful business. the modern

Ninja Blaster – Simple, Affordable and Highly Effective Online Marketing Solution

The online marketing scenario is too vast and complicated today. I know about the benefits of SEO and social media marketing. I had hired a couple of professionals to run my campaigns and I found that the

Google Puts GMeet to Internal Testing

Google has been planning GMeet, a teleconference service, for many years now. It is expected that the service is now in its final stages of development. It will be connected to Gmail, Hangouts and Google’s other services.

Mozilla Firefox Becomes Serious about Security and Privacy

Google recently made it important for websites to be mobile friendly if they wanted to rank higher on SERPs. That was a big move and has forced all serious businesses to revamp or redesign their sites. While

Google Launches new Google+ Photos in-Drive Feature for Google Apps Users

Google+ Photos are now available in your Drive. So you will be able to see it in your Drive. Google announced this new feature before releasing it. So, all your images in Google Photos will be accessible

Bing Mobile Receives a New Homepage Revamp

The Bing homepage for mobile devices has received a major design update. According to Bing’s team, the new changes will be available on box Android and iOS devices worldwide. Most of the changes have been brought to

Google I/O could Announce Some of the Biggest Recent Breakthroughs

Aspiring visitors to the Google I/O developer conference are finding it difficult to get a ticket to the event. This is similar to what happens every year. Google has set the entry ticket to a whopping $900


First, I’d like to say a big thank you to the folks here at seotechyworld for letting me guest post. I’ve become a fan of the site ever since I read this article on tracked emails. Wi-Fi

Paying Bills through Gmail May Become Possible by this Holiday Season

Google doesn’t fail to surprise. It will always have something under the sleeve to amaze its users. It is rumoured that the search giant is working on a new feature that will allow you to send money

Best JPG to Word converter Softwares

The idea of converting JPEG files into editable formats is the need of the hour for professionals working in publishing and media industry. This was really not possible with the older options available in the printing and

FTC Takes No Action against Google Despite Strong Evidence of Search Results Manipulation

Google has been accused of anti-competition activities in a report recently released by the Federal Trade Commission. The FTC report states that Google demoted competition local business, shopping and travel services while giving preferential treatment to its