Why Indian Startup avoids IPO Route

The initial public offering or an IPO means and also is called Stock Market Launch is basically a type of offer to the public through which stocks are sold to institutional investors or to the retail or

Brand Marketing: The Top 10 Branding Elements and What They Mean

The complexity of brand marketing makes it tough to define at times. Click here for the top 10 branding elements and what they mean.  64% of consumers say they continue having a relationship with a brand because

Make Your Mark: The Importance of Branding for Business

Your business brand says volumes about what you stand for and how you market your services. Don’t get it wrong! Here is the importance of branding for business. Branding is one of the most important marketing decisions

How Marketers Can Max Out Seasonal Sales (like Diwali) with Data

Of late, Indian consumers have had the best of times when it comes to online shopping, as e-commerce majors continue to battle it out (and push prices to rock bottom levels) with bonanzas like Amazon’s Great Indian

Benefits of Emergency Locksmith Burnaby Services

Everyone today leads a fast-paced life and this means that it is easy to forget or lose your keys. It can be your car, home or office keys and this has become an increasingly common problem. You

Applying Your Business Security Know-How at Home

Even if you are a veritable workaholic, you likely only spend about 80 hours per week at the office — which means you enjoy the remaining 80 or so at home. When you are at home, you

7 Marketing Essentials to Start a Small Business

Introduction People tend to work better when they recognize what’s next on their calendar, so grasp the utilization of an appointments calendar schedule. Be sure that forthcoming clients who book an arrangement in your store are in

Upgrade Your Inbound Marketing Strategy? Not Yet? Now It’s The Right Time!

Everything has driven for the interest of the business and the customers’ interest gains business interest, agreed? I will not go into depth and tell you the basics of inbound marketing. You know this! Right? As the

Why And How To Use Live Video To Dominate The Current Market?

In the recent years, different techniques and methods have been used to dominate the market. Many companies have, over the years, developed new methods which have changed with time, depending on the demand of the people and

Taking Out Financial Loans for Travel

If you really want to go on vacation but can’t afford the large settlement in one fell swoop, you very well may want to consider taking out your loan for travel requirements. Most people never get to

Common Wrong Uses of Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI)

You might have heard of the old saying that you should use the right tool to complete the right job. It means that if a device is used for its intended purpose then it will lead better

Supporting The Customer Data Base Of The World’s Biggest Furniture Retailer

The work of Intectics is conducting the support of the operational database (ODB) that helps in managing the loyalty program of the customers of the world’s biggest furniture retailer. It also helps in synchronising the data according