How can you Generate More Money from your Site?


There is no limit to the scope and scale of the Internet. It is one technology that has produced more millionaires than any other.

There are so many opportunities for making money online but most of us don’t know about them. Those who knew about them went ahead and made their tons.

One of the common methods used for generating a steady stream of income is to do blogging.

The strategy revolves around getting the most out a website and its web traffic through monetization.

Every blogger will create a Google AdSense account to monetize his blog site.

But here we will discuss a more lucrative earning opportunity that could generate more income than blogging. It is Infolinks.

Signing-up with Infolinks

It is quite easy to sign up with Infolinks. All you have to do is to visit the Infolinks website and click the “Join us” link on the top of the page. The following image provides a screenshot of the joining page.

Infolinks registration form

You could either provide your details such as name and email address or sign-up using your Facebook account. Either way, make sure to provide your website URL.

Each account goes through a validation process, which takes between 24 and 48 hours. You will receive a confirmation email once your application is approved.

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The Infolinks Concept

Once your application is accepted and account created, you can determine the integration of the Infolinks code. This will vary from one platform to another.

For example, the process is easiest for WordPress sites. It is as easy as downloading the plug-in and activating it.1

Infolinks Concept

Everything is executed by the plug-in and there is no need for any manual activity. You could however determine the ad that should appear on your web pages. You have the option to choose from 4 unique ads – Infold, Intext, InTag and Inframe ads.

I know you will be concerned if these ads will conflict with AdSense or look similar.
The fact is that they are different and don’t interfere with AdSense activity on your website.

It is also allowed to change the features of the ads in a way that they can be customized to your blog’s colors, fonts and theme.

1. Infold Ads

Infold ads have the highest conversion rates. These ads are displayed at the bottom of the pages. The unique thing about Infolinks is that it will display the ads based on two factors:

  • The keywords used in your blog post
  • The search queries made by your page’s natural visitors


The benefit of displaying at the bottom is that it doesn’t interfere with the user experience and also reduces the bounce rate.

Another feature is that it will fold down below the line after showing for a few seconds. So there is minimum obtrusion.

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Check out how it slides down and becomes unobtrusive

Infolinks Ads Demo

2. Intext Ads

If Infold ads have the highest conversion rates, Intext ads are the most popular ones. They are shown as hyperlinked text within the content of the blog posts. They will be highlighted whenever users hover the mouse over them.

This is how Intext ads look in their normal state:

Intext Ads - Infolinks

This is how the ad pops up when anyone hovers the mouse over it.

Infolinks Pop-up Ads Demo

Here again Infolinks brings the principle of non-obtrusion. The Intext ad will disappear if the user doesn’t click on the ad.

Although Infolinks doesn’t allow you to customize these ads, you can certainly decide the number of ads you will have on your pages.

3. InTag Ads

InTag ads have a bunch of relevant keywords inserted in your blog post. A splendid example of the ad is given here:

Intag Ads - Infolinks

When a user hovers the mouse over the keywords, it looks like this:

Ifolinks Tag cloud widget

InTag ads are designed based on relevant tags.

I recommend customizing InTag ads based on your blog site’s theme, colors and layout.

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4. Inframe Ads

Inframe ads are the fourth and last types of Infolinks ads. They are designed for making the most out of the screen margins. They will display banners relevant to the subject of the blog posts.

Infolinks detects users who visit your page from desktop (large screens) and will display banners. The banners will remain in view as users keep scrolling down the page.

This is how it looks:

Infolinks Inframe Ads

This Infolinks video will provide you valuable information about the system:

Advantages of Using Infolinks

Now that you know about the unique and powerful ads in Infolinks, it will be more beneficial to learn about its main advantages:

  • Registration process is simple and fast
  • Installation is easy and instant (you don’t have to do any setup manually)
  • There is no need to spend time and resources searching for or creating space for inserting your ads
  • Optimal density of ads will help you achieve higher CTR (remember there is general focus on keeping the ads unobtrusive to user experience)
  • You can also place your Infolinks ads and AdSense ads simultaneously on the same page without any issues
  • The ads layout can be customized to your website’s theme
  • Payouts have faster frequency (you can request a PayPal withdrawal when the minimum balance reaches $50)
  • Infolinks can also be used on websites with low traffic

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Infolinks was established in 2007. Today it powers the moneymaking strategies of over a hundred thousand publishers across the world.

I have seen that it performs effectively on almost all topics. However, the best results are experienced on niche-focused sites.

Here is a tip from me to help you generate more income:

If you are going to create a new website, make sure to target high-yielding keywords. It will make it easier to generate more income using both Infolinks and Google AdSense.

Make sure to try Infolinks if you are looking to get more out of your blogs or if you want to use a new strategy!

Click here to sign-up with Infolinks.


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