How to Boost Your Instagram Followers With Ease

To all those who’ve been trying to get some extra likes by using some popular but irrelevant hashtags, this method is dead now. Instagram has been upgrading its algorithm smartly to block all these types of unusual hacks. However, new ways are up and running successfully. This post is about on how to increase Instagram Followers Hack without survey using some of the best working tricks and hacks for Instagrammers.

Instagram Followers Hack

The first off in the list is a website that has been used for multiple auto liker purposes of over a decade now. is a tested and used auto liker script site that used to dominate the social media likes for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedInand much more. However, it faced some issues later on, but they’re back with a dedicated Instagram Auto liker, Hublaagram. The website is exclusively works on desktops and laptops. So, you need to have a good internet connection, your account details, and a patient mind to get started.


Tutorial to Hack Instagram for Unlimited Followers & Likes

First thing, you need to login on the website with your existing Instagram Login ID and password. Moreover, you can also use this website to your Facebook login if you’re using the same account credentials for Instagram as well. You are promised to get hundreds of followers and likes using this website if done properly. In once you can get up to 25-30 followers, and it has been tested over several accounts, before posting this hack.


  • Get Unlimited Followers and Unlimited Likes.
  • Authentic User Comments.
  • Responsive, works on your Smartphone seamlessly


The website display login errors sometimes, as the tokens and script don’t work properly at first attempts. Moreover, you have to wait for approximately 30 mins after using the site for followers and likes.

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How does it work?

Hublaagram directly works on give and take methodology. The website would make you follow anyone through your account whom you don’t know personally. The process is automatic and in similar way, you get the followers. However, you can unfollow the people later on but do remember, tit for tat.

If you fail to log in the first time and incorrect details is displayed on the screen, then you need to open your Instagram account, and in the Suspicious activity tab, verify your actions to process ahead. Also, if you have a private account, then you need to make it public for the script to work properly.

Now, try logging in again, and enter your details, then a pop would display with the captcha and you’ll be directed to the main script page. The website offers different options to get unlimited likes, followers, comments, and you are entitled to select only one option.

Note:Do remember that this trick is only for educational purpose, we’re not responsible for any irrelevant account activity.

How to Get Unlimited Likes on Instagram [Latest Working Trick]

There is this app called as Instalikes which works to provide followers directly from your smartphones. It seamlessly works on both the phone, rooted as well as non-rooted.


As I already mentioned previously, that using this application on a rooted device, then you can gain more likes and followers as compared to the ordinary users. Instalikes works on the credit system, and this Instagram Followers Hack requires no human verification. You earn coins by liking someone else photos and videos and use these coins to get likes on your profile too. This method is a little bit conventional; there is an another like exchange website, that also offers multiple social media likes on credit basis.

The procedure is simple and straightforward. You’ll see some advertisements and by clicking them, you can earn free coins which are used to get likes on your own picture. I have personally tried this application dozens of times, and it works perfectly fine.

Unfortunately, the application is not available on the Google Play Store. So, you need to download this application from the official Instalikes website to get Instagram likes and followers. There are different features for rooted and non-rooted smartphones. The one important thing is to have patience while using these tricks. One thing to keep in mind that you need to use this trick slowly as getting more likes on a certain instant, Instagram can block your account temporarily. It usually happens that you don’t get like at the moment, and in insecurity people usually end up their account getting blocked for suspicious activities.


  • Get Unlimited followers within 1-2 hours
  • Use coins to get Instagram likes and followers without survey
  • On every certain ad, you get +20 coins to use on your pictures as well

Disadvantage: You and your account can get blocked by getting instant likes.

Warning: We are not responsible if your account got blocked by Instagram. Therefore, I’ll recommend you to try out the AutoLiker Hack.


So, these were some of the most straightforward and effective ways you can get unlimited likes and Instagram Followers Hack without survey. The tricks and hacks can be used with Rooted, Non-Rooted Devices as well as PC. Do share this article if you get followers and likes on your profile. Show off with your friends with unlimited followers on Instagram.

Comment below and let me know if you’re facing any issues regarding this hack guide. Cheers!

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