Bing Mobile Receives a New Homepage Revamp

The Bing homepage for mobile devices has received a major design update. According to Bing’s team, the new changes will be available on box Android and iOS devices worldwide.

Most of the changes have been brought to help improve the overall mobile experience for the search engine’s users.

Bing conducted a series of A/B tests to come to the conclusion that a card layout with swipe-up was the most preferred design. The page has an overall translucent color scheme.

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The homepage has more focus on rewards, settings and popular searches. Bing’s IOTD card gives you a glimpse of the new homepage. The company has also started rolling out a fresh UX.

There is a new Popular-Now card designed based on the increasing demand for news on smartphones and tablets. Users will now be able to find the news carousal (for desktop) on their mobiles.

According to Bing, it is among the most popular features on its home page, receiving one of the most number of clicks from its users.

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The search engine will be listing the most trending stories and update them round the day. It will make these stories more personal and relevant to its users.

Even the Rewards Card has been revamped, another popular feature on the search engine’s interface. It has more real estate and provides easier entry point to Rewards, allowing users to instantly learn about their status.

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The popular Settings Card has also received an uplift. It will now allow users to take instant action.

Besides, there is a new link – Send Feedback in the Footer Card. The new changes are expected to help Bing move towards more ease of use and a better mobile experience.

The new changes are already active and are available on both the Android and iOS platform.