Top 6 must have best wordpress SEO plugins 2015 for every wordpress user

This is a guest post by my colleague Larry Frank from

Switching over to WordPress from any other blogging platform can be more than a little difficult, especially if you come with no or little knowledge about WordPress.

Where there is no doubt that WordPress is an amazing feature rich and user friendly blogging platform, you need to get it right if you want to get steady traffic with high income.

One of the most important benefits that wordpress has to offer is many automated functions which you’ll have to do manually on other blogging platforms.

Now as cool as it may sound, without proper plugins for your content and images you’ll find it more than a little difficult to get the traffic here.

So, here are the six best wordpress SEO plugins that I have found pretty impressive over the years.


Optimising your content to get better SEO is the goal of every blogger. While you can use various tools and techniques for this, using Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin is the most convenient way of doing so, I’ve found over the years.

This amazing plugin, optimises you content and gives you an article that is SEO friendly and thus generated more traffic.


Some features of Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin

  • This on help you focus on keywords while creating content. The result is fey word oriented SEO friendly searchable articles. Now that the stuff dreams are made of, right?
  • I’ve used many SEO Plugins in past, but the Yoast provided me with the best page analysis.
  • The breadcrumb feature offered by Yoast gives you more control.
  • Permalink clean up is another great features this plug in offers.
  • This plugin helps you create the most effective XML Sitemap.
  • Available in 26 languages, this plug-in will work for you no matter which language your blog is in.

You can download Yoast SEO Plugin Here.


This one is another great plugin to boost your content SEO. User friendly and easy to install, this one will give you the ultimate WordPress experience.

All in one SEO Plugin

Some features of All in One SEO Pack Plugin:

  • This one provides you with best the XML Site map support that is possible.
  • This plugin makes your content SEO friendly in an instant by optimising the post titles in Google and other search engines. Also this plugin generates Meta tags for your posts automatically and also help you avoid any duplicate content in your blog. Now, can you even ask for a better SEO support for your content?
  • The advanced Canonical URLs and fine tune page navigational link makes your blog more visible.
  • It is superbly compatible with most other plugins.
  • Extremely easy to use, if you are a novice you can just simply install it and let it work for you.

You can download All In One SEO Pack Here


If you want to make your images SEO friendly and searchable, adding the ‘ALT’ attribute to your images can go a long way.

As this attribute adds description to your images, your images come up in relevant searches in Google and other search engines.

Now, you can pretty well add this attribute manually if you have loads of time to waste, but if you are a busy blogger who have to don many hats at the same time, you can just install the SEO Friendly Images plugin.

This plugin adds title and description to your images and make them more searchable.

Extremely user friendly you can just download the plugin and activate it through your plugin page of your blog. Once the plugin is installed just go to the Options tab to modify the ‘ALT’ and ‘TITEL’ options.

SEO-Friendly-Images Plugin

You can download SEO Friendly Images Plugin Here.


Using all the microdata supported by Google this is one plug in that can increase your visibility through search engines and social media.

WP Social Plugin

Some great features of WP Social SEO Booster Plugin:

  • This plugin works in sync with all other SEO plugins that you have to give the ultimate SEO experience.
  • This plugin automatically adds appropriate meta data tags to all your existing contents to make them more relevant from the SEO point of view.
  • Now this plugin offers some of the greatest features such as Google Rich Snippets (Microdata) Integration, Google Authorship, Facebook Open Graph, Twitter Meta Tags, Google Plus Itemprop Tags etc to make your content more searchable and visible through social media and search engines.
  • One of the greatest thing that this one offers is, it supports all open graph content types, such Article, Book, Profile, Website, Music Album, Song, Movie, TV Show, Video. You can use any of these communication medium in your blog and stop worrying about the optimization all together.

You can download WP Social SEO Booster WordPress Plugin Here


Now Squirrly is one of the best plugins for complete beginners. If you have no idea how the whole plugin thing works, then this is the perfect choice for you. And the fun user interface makes it all the more interesting to work with.


Some features of Squirrly:

  • If you are a complete fresher and have no idea how to write a SEO friendly article, this tool will give you real time SEO advise while you are writing or editing your article. And to keep you motivated it’ll light a Green Light every time you do something right.
  • This plugin works in sync with any other WordPress plugin that you may already have.
  • It tracks and analyse all your marketing strategies, such as Blogging, Traffic, SEO, Social Signals, Links, Authority etc and send you detailed report once a week. So, if you have no idea on how this works you can simply go through the report and understand the problem areas you need to work on.
  • It also analyse the web to help you find trending topics and key words that you can include in your articles. This will not only help you create a content that is in demand, but will also make it superbly SEO friendly.
  • It can also suggest you great titles depending on your key words.
  • Another great feature is, it helps you source copyright free images that you can use in your blog.
  • While most plugins optimize your content for SEO, this one optimize your content for human too.

You can download Squirrly SEO Plugin Here.


Now, broken links and missing images can be really annoying for a reader and quite unprofitable for the blogger. So, this plugin addresses this issue at its root. It constantly check your site for any broken link, and if found notifies you immediately so that you can fix it as soon as possible.

Some great feature of the Broken Link Checker Plugin:

  • This plugin detects any broken link that may be there on your site and sends you email notification through dashboard.
  • It prevents search engines from following broken links by redirecting them.
  • It displays the broken links in a different colour, to grab your immediate attention.
  • Now you can edit the broken links directly from the plugin’s page, without doing it manually.


You can download Broken Link Checker Plugin Here.

Over to you:

So, these are six cool tools that you need to have if you are looking at creating the ultimate WordPress blog.

If you have used any of these do let us know your experience with them, and if you want to add anything else in this list, please feel free.

  1. Hi Larry,

    Good to see you here and a very informative post indeed.
    Wordpress SEO by Yoast is undoubtedly the best SEO plugin. I have been using it since I started blogging and never had any issues.

    Broken link checker is also quite handy and saves you a lot of time by monitoring for broken links. Great post, thanks for sharing and have a great week ahead!

  2. Hi Nisha and Larry,
    Thanks for this great post. I never use WordPress for my personal blog but I have worked on many WordPress website. So I always to all in one seo Pack for SEO purpose. I feel it simple as well as beneficial.
    I came to know some other plugins too.

    With Regards,

  3. Hi Larry,

    Congrats for moving from blogger platform to WordPress, these really helpful plugins for SEO, till now I don’t know about Squirrly I will try this plugin to test, and rest of the plugins I am using already.

    Thanks for introducing me to Squirrly plugin.

  4. I think Yoast and all in one seo Pack are common in use, rather then others. These are really best according to their users.

  5. Wonderful wordpress seo plugins, I’m using majority of them on my blogs and I guess I’ll have to check others.

  6. Hi Larry

    I remember your blog move from Blogger to wordpress and I am glad you are sharing this experience with everyone especially those who would want to make the switch but are not sure of the result. This is a booster for them.

    You listed top notch SEO plugins for wordpress that are cool and get the job done when it comes to Search Engine Optimization. Thanks for sharing.

    Hi Nisha. Thumbs up for a wondershare. Have a lovely week.

  7. Hello Arpit,
    Good to see you here, and I’m also glad you love this one. Believe me YOAST is great, and I can see you are a testifyer.

    Thanks for stopping by, and do have a wonderful day ahead… 🙂

  8. Already using most of the plugins on our website, but missed the WP Social Pro. Is it worth using it separately or the Yoast already has the social functionality build in.
    Could you write post on this separately on how this WP Social Pro can be benefitted over Yoast, for our better understanding.

  9. Hi Arpit,

    It’s good to see you around.

    Yes, I am using too this “SEO by yoast” plugin. This is really a great plugin for wordpress users.

    Thanks for your kind comment. Have a nice day!

  10. Hi Naveen,

    Thanks for being here and leaving your thoughts with us.

    All in one SEO pack is also a great alternative of SEO by Yoast plugin.

    Glad to know that this list are helpful for you.

    Thanks again. Have a nice day!

  11. Sure Manish! I would come up soon with this topic for you and others who needed.

    Thanks you so much for coming by here. Have a nice Sunday!

  12. Hi Larry,
    Glad to see you here on Nisha Mam’s blog bro.
    I am using only one from your list. Ha, ha. I think you guessed it, right? Yes, it is none other than Yoast’s SEO Plugin. But I think I am convinced by WP SOCIAL SEO BOOSTER PLUGIN also. So going to install it now.
    Bro, is Squirrly an alternative to Yoast’s Plugin? If yes, then which is better?
    Looking forward to your reply.
    Oops, I forgot. You have written the post very well. Anyone can choose plugins according to their need clearly. (but I have a doubt tho)
    Keep going bro.

  13. Hi Siddaiah,

    Thanks for coming by here.

    This is good to hear that you are using lot of plugins from this list already.

    Hope, you will also like the Squirrly plugin.

    Thanks again for stop by here. Have a nice day!

  14. I would say the biggest omissions above are for page speed:

    Total Cache
    WP Smush It

    These two can speed up your site tremendously, which we know is a ranking factor AND a conversion factor. So I would add those two as well as if you use All in One SEO, use Google XML Sitemaps with it. Yoast comes with a really good built in one but AIOSEO should have a sitemap plugin alongside it.

  15. Nisha Pandey

    Hi Abid,

    Of course Yoast and all in one SEO Pack is great. But do check out the Squirrel too. I find it fun and useful to use.

    Thanks for stopping by. have a great weekend 🙂

  16. Nisha Pandey

    Hi Ashish,

    Great to see you here. Do check out the plug ins and tell us your experience.

    Have a great day ahead 🙂

  17. Nisha Pandey

    Hello Ikechi,

    Seem like you enjoyed the post 🙂 Its great to see you around and thanks a ton for the lovely comment.

    Have a great weekend 🙂

  18. Nisha Pandey

    Hi Rahul,

    Thanks for visiting. To answer your question Squirrly is indeed a great plug in, but if you are comparing it with Yoast then I would say they are both very different. The functionality is almost equal, but what I really like about Squirrly is the fun UI. Do use it and let us know.

    Have a great weekend 🙂

  19. Nisha Pandey

    Hi Matt,

    It’s great to see you here.

    Thanks a ton for add these two in the list. They are really great plug ins no doubt.

    Have a great weekend. 🙂

  20. Nisha Pandey

    Hi Matt,

    It’s great to see you here.

    Thanks a ton for add these two in the list. They are really great plug ins no doubt.

    Keep visiting. 🙂

  21. Hi Larry,
    Thanks for this fantastic post. I never use WordPress for my personal blog but I have worked on many WordPress website. So I always to all in one seo Pack for SEO purpose. I feel it simple as well as beneficial.
    I came to know some other plugins too.

    With Regards,

  22. Thanks for the post,

    but For a single website why this many SEO plugins? Why we cannot use only one plugin for all SEO caring?

  23. zainab

    Thanks for this great collection of SEO plugins really great post blog. Am currently using SEO post content links its worth given a try.. check it out. And thanks for shearing