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Why Kepard VPN Is The Perfect Online Security Service For Personal Users?

I use Kepard premium VPN to protect my private online presence and activities. I have been using their service for over a year and at just $2.9 per month (annual package).

That is quite affordable or individuals like me who don’t want to put their system on the Internet trusting nothing more than a simple anti-virus program.

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Their NAT firewall offers me additional level of protection. There are 2 main reasons why I like this application and will recommend it to everyone who spends hours on their PC daily browsing the web.



I know there are millions of self-declared hackers and stupid enthusiasts out there who find a strange thrill and fun in making ‘hacking attempts’.

In fact, I have got a number of ‘nerdy’ friends who belong to this club. But I also know there are hundreds of thousands of pro hackers, with bad intentions, out there who would not mind eavesdrop into my online activities and my PC itself.

Data Encryption

Kepard helps by encrypting my online presence. No coding or hacking software can allow anyone to get access to my data transfer. I no longer have to be concerned when I connect over hotspots.

Because this application also supports iOS, I am also able to encrypt all my mobile traffic. This helps me even when I am connected on public hotspots.

Most of my friends don’t understand the importance of this level of security, but I know how vital it is to keep both my PC and iPhone activities safe and secure.

Anonymous Web Browsing

If you will understand the importance of being anonymous online, you would be ready to give anything to remain so. Kepard VPN allows me to browse the web from my PC and iPhone in anonymous mode.

The underlying concept is that it uses intermediary VPN servers for connecting to the web. So the websites I visit are unable to get hold of my actual IP address.

Proxy IP address

I don’t use this feature for performing any malicious or dubious activities online. The biggest advantage of this feature is that I can access all types of websites without giving away my IP address. I do a lot of web browsing, not only for fun, but also for my writing assignments.

I visit at least two dozen sites everyday and I am not always sure if they are safe. The firewall protection along with the additional level of IP address shielding gives me an additional sense of safety.

Technical Advantages of Choosing Kepard

OpenVPN, PPTP, and L2TP Protocols

There are technical advantages to using Kepard:

  • It allows me to connect/disconnect the VPN connection with a simple, single click.
  • It will detect lost VPN connections itself and inform me. It also asks me to reconnect.
  • It supports the highest security protocols to protect my online presence and activities including OpenVPN, PPTP, and L2TP.
  • It supports the highest level of encryption currently available in the industry – 256 bit.
  • Kepard application is easy to setup. It provides a step by step guide to install OpenVPN, L2TP and PPTP across all the leading platforms.

Multiple Platform Support

I use it for Windows 7 and iOS 9, but it also supports other platforms including Linux, Mac OS X and Android.

Kepard - Price


With Kepard, pricing is not an issue for me. I spend just $35 annually to keep all my online activities safe. I get unlimited traffic and multiple IP addresses. That comes down to less than $3 per month.

There are many other VPNs out there that make big claims, but Kepard is a proven, reliable, affordable and best VPN service.

I will recommend it to anyone who seeks secure connections for their personal or business needs!