Best Predictions on Sports Betting 1xbet

Are you a fan of sports who wants some extra cash for your knowledge in sports? Sports betting 1xbet.in may be just right for you. There are lots of betting options, and every bettor can choose the best type depending on his preferences and capabilities:

  • Single bets. These are bets for only one event and one outcome. You need to choose the game or match of your interest, and then predict the outcome of the competition: the first team wins, the second team wins, or if there is a draw.
  • Express bets. To make such a bet, you need to choose several independent outcomes of sporting events – the maximum is 10. Even one of your outcomes is incorrect, you will lose your express.
  • System bets. A system is a full combination of expresses from a pre-selected number of events. Winnings are defined as the sum of winnings from expresses that are part of the system.
  • Live bets. You place your bet during the game itself. Here you have a whole number of outcomes to choose from – who wins, who loses, if there is a draw, even a double option.

Sports betting proposes you lots of entertainment that can be really useful and profitable, if you do it right.

1xBet – futbol live streaming for every fan

The Italian championship Serie A is really exciting… and it’s taking place right now. Every fan can watch its matches using 1xBet – futbol live streaming. What’s new in Italy?

Bologna met with Brescia at the Mario Rigamonti stadium. It was a match of the 3rd round of the Italian Championship. Bologna won with the final score of 4:3.

Alfredo Donnarumma scored two goals, and his team started to win. On the 36th minute, Mattia Bani scored one goal for Brescia. However, after 6 minutes, Andrea Cistana scored the third goal. Nevertheless, after the break, the guests managed not only to even the score, but also to snatch the victory. Rodrigo Palacio, Stefano Denswill and Riccardo Orsolini scored with effective strikes.

And here is another recent match from the Italian Serie A. Inter Milan played with Udinese and won with a score of 1-0.

From the 35th minute, Udinese played being in the minority due to the removal of their midfielder Rodrigo De Paul. Inter, having an advantage, scored a goal at the end of the first half. Its author was the midfielder Stefano Sensi, who sent the ball into the opponent’s net after an assist from the defender Diego Godin.

Sometimes you just can’t find where to watch the match of your favorite team. But it shouldn’t be an issue, as you can simply go to 1xBet – football live streaming and enjoy the game.