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Best Paypal Alternatives For Bloggers And Freelancers

There are millions of people across the globe who provide freelance services to various fields of work (copywriting, translation, audio engineering, graphic design, blogging, and many more). Freelancers and bloggers work from the coziness of their homes, getting paid via online payment systems, with PayPal being the most popular among them.

However, due to Paypal’s higher transaction fees, these people are turning to more affordable and user-friendly systems, in order to save their profit. If you withdraw your funds often, then the amount of money you could save in this way will get really substantial. These are very suitable PayPal alternatives for bloggers and freelancers.

Google Wallet

Google Wallet is a payment system available only for US citizens. It enables its users to employ debit cards, credit cards, and loyalty cards. Google has developed Google apps for Android and iPhone devices, so you can make purchases via mobile phones, make electronic payments in person on NFC-enabled smartphones, and settle bills online.

Google Wallet

Sending and receiving money from your Google Wallet balance or a linked bank account is free, while a 2.9% fee is charged to you for credit card transactions. It is among the best US-only PayPal alternatives. You can also use the service offline with free debit cards which Google Wallet offers to its users.

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Unlike Google Wallet, Skrill (formerly known as Moneybookers) is rapidly making its way towards EU market. It offers excellent services, with fees and commission much lower than those at PayPal.

There are about 30 million people that use Skrill’s services, and the system is very straightforward, with a user friendly interface and great reputation among users.


It is great for business owners who can save a substantial amount of money on those lower fees, due to their high turnover rate. Private users have the advantage of using their debit card for receiving and spending money, without any fees being charged to them.

Alternative Payments

Alternative Payments is an online system for money transactions which has a lot to offer. It has PCI Level 1 Certification which guarantees a high level of security, and safeness of your private information.

There is one interface, which is basically a command central for managing all of your transactions. There is real live customer support available in one’s own native language to anybody who needs help.

Alternative Payments

Alternative Payments system offers a wide variety of choices for optimizing the checkout experience for its customers, and a simple technical integration. Its geo-targeting system automatically sets the right currency (according to information about your location), and offers you payment options in the local language.

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It is among those several new services that have silently risen up over the past few years. Dwolla is a startup business, competitor to PayPal, that has been able to perfect their model and work their way up relatively anonymously.


The system is innovative in a way that sidesteps credit cards completely. Dwolla links directly to its user’s bank account, enables them to move money to whoever they want, and take only 25 cents for every transaction (no matter whether you are moving $10 or $10,000).

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Payza is an online payment system mainly based in US and Canada. This system is specialized in corporate disbursements, e-commerce processing, and remittances.


Its users can shop, send and receive money in over 190 countries, and it accepts over 21 currencies. It is free, just as PayPal, and it allows its business-owning users to add the payment button to their websites or apps.

If you notice that you are losing a considerable amount of money on PayPal’s transaction fees, try switching to some of these excellent online payment systems. They are safe and secure, fast, reliable and cheaper.

  1. Hello John,

    Great to see this post on Nisha’s place!

    My country still don’t have PayPal and due to it, I am so much limited to the options available – Probably that’s the reason I have not started anything premium about blogging.

    I have heard lots of good noise about Payza and Skrill but never used them. Will hop on them and try if they can open up a gateway for me and become the real alternative(s) to PayPal.

    Good list! I am happy to share!

    ~ Adeel