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Best CDN Services for Speeding up Your WordPress Site

Starting- off a business website or a blog is a challenging task, especially for those who are not familiar with the web development basics. If you want to create a site, you need to handle all its aspects efficiently and also ensure that everything is working well when it comes to the performance or the a speed of a website.
The loading speed of a site or a blog plays a crucial role in determining the flow of web traffic as well as search engine ranking. So, it is the prime duty of a website owner to improve their performance of a website.
If you are really serious about the loading speed of a site, then you should use the best Content Delivery Network (CDN) services. A CDN is a great way to reduce the server lag by storing the static resources on a fast loading server’s network.
What is CDN?
A CDN (Content Delivery Network) is a system of distributed servers, expanded in multiple data centers all over the world. It is used to provide the static content of the site to web audiences quickly and easily.
The content is delivered from the servers that are located closest to them.
Reduce the loading time of your site by using the best CDN services. In this post, we will explore the best CDN services available on the Internet for your WordPress site.
So, let’s begin!

1. CloudFlare



CloudFlare is an enormous Content Delivery Network over the Internet. It is specifically developed for WordPress websites and blogs.
You can use the free ClouFlare CDN service to boost the speed of your site. In fact, it is different from other CDNs as it doesn’t charge for bandwidth usage. It also strengthens the security of your site by blocking the skeptical elements.
Furthermore, it offers Rocket Loader feature to check whether the networks connections are optimized or not.
But if you go with the paid service, you will get various advanced features such as multi-user access, instant support, web app firewall, and mobile optimization.

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2. MaxCDN



MaxCDN is one of the most popular CDN services used by many world-recognized brands such as The Washington Times, The Next Web, and WP Engine. It delivers the static content of a site on any device instantly and efficiently.
It is easy-to-install CDN that requires basic technical knowledge. Open the plugin settings > enable the CDN function > choose the MaxCDN > Go to the CDN tab > Enter your CNAMEs and API information and then MaxCDN will automatically deliver the static content of your site, including media, images, JS and CSS files.
It comes with an intuitive control panel to show off the CDN usage summary for your site. Even, you can also gather other information such as edge locations users, hourly breakdown, and your top 50 files.
Note: You can use the free MaxCDN trail if you use more than 15TB per month. However, the paid service comes with 100 BG bandwidths for two sites for $9/per month.

3. CDN77



CDN77 is the greatest Content Delivery Network service provider in Europe.
The company holds the customer-driven approach to provideing the quality speed optimization services to their clients at an economical price. They deliver the static content of a site to the web audiences instantly (depending upon their geographical location).
Unlike other CDNs, CDN77 specializes in serving up software, video and gaming files to the end users. Despite this, it also offers 100% SSL security to protect the data and other credential information of their clients and customers.

4. CacheFly



The utmost priority of CacheFly is to deliver you static content including images, videos, JavaScript and CSS files faster to your end users.
In fact, the company holds a track record for providing high-quality and reliable CDN service for more than a decade. They believe in high performance and, therefore, CacheFly has become one of the leading CDN services across the world.

Note: You can subscribe for 30-day free trial. While paid service starts at $99/per month for 256GB bandwidth transfer and 1000MB storage.

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5. InCapsula



InCapsula is an incredible CDN service provider offering global CDN and caching services to their clients and customers at the reasonable price. The company is known for its top-notch, faster and reliable CDN services.
It provides the advanced services, such as Website security, DDoS protection, and load balancing 10 times faster than other CDNs. Even, you can Enable or Disable the CDN service by making the use of DNS change.
Incapsula also offers an intuitive and powerful dashboard for their clients to allow them to see the real-time traffic, site performance and other information anytime from anywhere.

These are the top five Content Delivery Network services available on the internet that can enhance the speed of your WordPress site quickly and effectively.

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