Top 10 Best Android Apps You Must not Miss


The Google Play Store has now the largest than ever, with it’s ever growing apps and games list, it’s now almost as good as iOS’s app store.

There are innumerable amount of apps and games in Play store, choosing best among these will be a hard task, even though I’ll be listing here a list of great apps for Android, which I personally feel the best. So, here we go!

1. SwiftKey

This is the one Android app that I can’t live without. This is the best third party keyboard application for Android. It has many cool features like next word prediction, type by swiping and awesome themes. It also syncs your prediction data across your devices.

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2. UC browser

This is the most used third party Browser in smartphones. It offers a lot more than chrome and other browsers. It offers many cool features such as This is a must download!

3. WhatsApp

WhatsApp is the most used messaging app. It is the one app that killed the SMS (and BBM too!). Everybody uses WhatsApp and it is still has the most number of active users and is the simplest and most personal way of messaging.


4. Evernote

This is the best note taking app in Android and iOS. Even if there are many other free and paid note taking apps, when it comes to functionality and simplicity, even the free version of Evernote beats them all. It also comes with a native Windows (PC) application, to complement your notes.

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5. Feedly

If you’re like me, who enjoys reading and following many websites, Feedly is the one app you shouldn’t miss. It became so popular after Google Reader became obsolete.


6. Pocket

Pocket is helps you save articles and read it later in a much simpler way. It can sync across many platforms including Android, ios, Chrome, Firefox and many other.


7. DashClock Widget

DashClock is an awesome app, it adds much more functionality to your Android lockscreen. If you’re on Android 4.2 – 4.4, you must definitely download this app, it brings notifications to your lockscreen, torch button, unread messages, and more.

Dashclock Widget

8. Shareit

Shareit is a file sharing app, which can transfer files from one device to other at a higher speed than Bluetooth. It can transfer all types of file formats to and from two devices. What’s more, it can also be used to transfer files between Android and PC.



9. Twilight

Twilight is an app that helps you get more sleep. Twilight turns your screen to red and removes the blue elements from your screen. Read the app description for more about the science behind this.

10. Todoist

Todoist is a great to do app you can find in Android. It simplifies your ‘To-do’ list and syncs across all of your devices. It lets you create projects and make your ‘To-do’ list more organised and managed.

So that was my personal list of awesome Android apps that I love. You should definitely download these apps if you haven’t downloaded yet.

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If I have missed some of the apps, don’t hesitate to add them to the story by commenting below!


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