First Plugin for WordPress from Google

An overview of Google Publisher Tool: First Plugin for WordPress from Google

Appearing as a drop in the ocean, Google’s debut in the WordPress Plugin arena has been confirmed by the release of “Google Publisher Plugin”.  It is a completely dedicated plugin and the first such offered by Google for the WordPress. Amid the best alternatives available from its pre-release, It will be interesting to see it perform.

Great relief to those who were using third party WordPress plugins since long to utilize  most anticipated tools and services offered by Google in real space like Webmaster Tools and Google Adsense. Though it is in still in a beta mode, it is worth to see what is it up to?

overview of Google Publisher Tool

How to Get Google Publisher tool?

This WordPress Plugin can be downloaded by visiting Plugin Directory dedicated to WordPress Plugin. Alternatively, a mere search from your Dashboard will direct you to download the plugin. Installation and activation is same as the other plugins. After all this, the verification prompt is generated to verify your blog with Google Web Master Tools. Simply Sign in using your pre-existing Google account or create one to proceed. Your blog will be automatically verified on webmaster tools.

First Plugin for WordPress from Google

Features offered by the Google Publisher Plugin:

  • As mentioned above, the verification process for Google Webmaster tools is simplified. Now, you can get rid of a comparable hard process in which manual uploading of an HTML file is performed to the root directory of your blog so as to complete the same verification. With Google Publisher Plugin, the verification process is only a few clicks away.
  • You can now integrate your blog with Google Adsense. This has been simplified to a great extent similarly as Blogger in which linking of Google Adsense is performed from within your blog on WordPress.

First wordpress plugin from google

As an advantage, direct access to the Adsense dashboard is now possible to see the performance reports or for going to the help section by integration with your Adsense Account. Easy creation of ads is also made easy at different places.

Future expectations form main version of the Google Publisher Plugin:

  • Currently limited only to the two services, in the near future, it is expected that the integration of Google’s native services like Google Analytics, G+, Feedburner, and others will be soon done by official means utilizing Google Publisher Plugin for WordPress.
  • On the other hand, this plugin is currently limited to the blogs which are self hosted. Alas! Blogs on WordPress can’t be benefited as of now.

Google Publisher Plugin

What do you think of this official, but the infant Google Publisher Plugin? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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