An Open Discussion with the Founder of QUICKSPROUT: Neil Patel

Are you a new entrant to the blogging arena?

Do you think you have gathered enough experience in blogging and success is showering all those revenues on you?

Do you feel like lost in the acute competition that the world of blogging brings you?

Well, for all you people, I just have a single solution.

Relax, I will not present any methods to you but only a person, who did walk the same miles you are walking now or had walked already.

Let’s welcome the most successful digital marketing expert Neil Patel.

I am sure for all those experienced bloggers amongst you that you must have missed one or more tricks which were if adopted, the success story you are sharing now, could have been all different. So, over to the smartest lad Neil now!




Q1. Please introduce yourself with few lines.

     A. I’m Neil Patel. I’m a serial entrepreneur who enjoys creating software companies that solve problems for marketers. My current 3 companies are: Hellobar, Crazy Egg and KISSmetrics. When I’m not working on my business I enjoy blogging at Quick Sprout and Neil Patel.


Q2. Neil, I must ask you one basic thing. What is the best reason that backs up the fact you are passionately engrossed in the world of blogging?

      A. I blog about blogging. I love it so much and feel so passionate about it, that I talk about content marketing every day.


Q3. When did the decision to join Internet Marketing as a career hit you? How did you make out the decision was all right for you to sail with?

       A. When I was 16 as I become addicted to website traffic. Eventually I started a marketing agency and from there I transitioned into software.


Q4. I have heard you live a 24×7 life! Is that true? Does not that take you close to androids?

      A. I do. Well my friends do the same thing, so in my little world I see it as normal. 🙂


Q5. What tempts you work so hard? Is that only the money or you are sold to the world of internet marketing?

      A. I enjoy it. I don’t care for money as much, more so I enjoy working and feel it is fun.


Q6. Is blogging the mirror of digital marketing in 21st century?

      A. I think blogging is important and more companies will start leveraging it within the 21st century.


Q7. Could you please name top 3 blogs that give inspiration to an already established giant like you?

      A.  TechCrunch, Signal VS Noise, and Copyblogger.


Q8. Given a chance to change your decision, would you stick with this blogging career of yours?

       A.  I would. I love it and think it is fun.


Q9. What is the best way that helps one become a good internet marketer as well as content writer (assuming that he is a good content writer already)?

        A.  Experimenting and testing. Bloggers and marketers all have to learn. One of the best ways to learn in my opinion is to continually test and learn from your experiments.


Q10. Succcessful persons like you go on sharing their secret stories over the web with many people across the globe. Don’t you think you are just piling up your competitors?

       A. Yes I am creating competitors by doing this, but I am also helping others at the same time.

People rate success in terms of traffic which gets reflected in the form of      revenues.


Q11. Would you have been still popular, if money had not found a place in this world?

      A. I am not sure. I think so as many people out there who don’t make money are popular.


Q12. Which tools you think a novice blogger must try with? What tools you think would help expert bloggers more than they could imagine?

       A. I think WordPress is a good platform all bloggers should use. In addition to that tools like Buzzsumo, Hellobar, and Yoast SEO plugin are all worth using.


Q13. How do you see blogging change in next 5 years?

       A. I think blogging will become more mobile. In which people can read blog posts on your fridge, TV, or anywhere else you can imagine.


Q14. How do you drive traffic, which kind of source do you use and what is your past experiences regarding the same?

      A. I drive traffic through content marketing. If you can take complicated data and make easy to understand in simple visuals… it will spread on the web. In which people will embed it on their sites, drive traffic back to you, and it will help you build an audience.


 Q15. At the end, what do you suggest to my readers regarding successful blogging?

       A. Be consistent. You won’t succeed as a blogger unless you keep at it.


My Words:-

I wish I had answered more and faced some more queries. There is no ending when you express your journey of satisfaction.

This has neither fixed routes nor any formulae.

You just have to recognize the incoming ways and devote enough faith towards them. That is when success will choose you.

The questions asked were really unique and little intriguing too.

Thank you to my well-wishers and readers for having spared their valuable time going through this coverage.

  1. Hello Nisha,
    Thanks a lot for a wonderful discussion post with Neil! I enjoyed reading some of the ideas. In particular, I like the the idea of constant experimentation and testing that Neil suggests. I worked as a scientist for many years in the past and in science we have to use a similar approach. In science, there are no bad questions and no insignificant results. Failure is also looked at as a stepping stone to do further experiments. Science leaves us no choice but to keep testing and experimenting. Data and results drive forward progress and it is very similar to what Neil is talking about. Many people forget that if things are not working, new things should be tried out and experimented with. Spinning the wheels and doing the same thing usually does not work very well. I believe that it is always good to realize that there is a choice and testing everything out if it works in a person’s individual situation is a great approach!


  2. Hey Nisha,

    My all time favorite blog Quicksprout. I often visit Neil patel’s blog to get new tips and more ideas about blogging.

    I get lot of inspiration from Neil Patel’s blog. I love to read this interview of Neil Patel to your blog that you’ve shared.

    Neil patel has lot of techniques to increase traffic and He also worked on many renowned blogs.

    Thanks for sharing this interview.

    Have a great day ahead!

  3. Hey Nisha,

    It’s good to see Neil Patel on your blog and I loved the you confronted him. Personally, I’ve learned a lot of things from him and there is not a single passes when I’m not reading his either posts or guides.

    He is so humble and down to earth person, he loves to help people in anyway he can and I’m stealing this habit from him 😀

    When I first visit quicksprout, I was amazed to see number of comments and each and every comment was replied by himself!!

    Good to see you and your blog growing and thank you for sharing with us 🙂

  4. Hi Nisha,

    Awesome and inspirational Interview. No doubt neil patel is a great inspiration for any bloggers. Simply glad to read two genius interaction.

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

  5. Hello Madam Nisha and Sir Neil,

    It was wonderful reading this conversation. I really learnt alot reading this chat.
    Thanks for sharing this, enjoy the rest of the day!

  6. Hi Nisha

    I much impressed with the way you asked him questions and the uniqueness of your each question did show you must have researched a lot before compiling all these question.

    A big congrats on doing interview of one of the top bloggers of the world.

    It is heartening to know what he said about the future of blogging and very confidently said that it’s going to be a big marketing support for many many companies in 21st century.

    This is a loud message for all those personal bloggers who are not damn sure about the future of blogging and always insist to make it as a side business or a supporting profession in addition to main business or profession.

    Thanks a lot for making him say many new things in this post as I never heard him saying he is creating his own competitors and much happy on it.

    Once again greetings and thanks for sharing.

  7. Hi Nisha

    That was a great interview.I have never heard of Neil Patel before but just reading here, it seems like I already did. A lot of ideas came about as a result of the interview and my biggest take away from it is – “Be consistent. You won’t succeed as a blogger unless you keep at it.”

    I see what happens to my stats in traffic when I do not post consistently. So I am working on creating a better balance between my secular 9 hour work day and my blog, family and all my other day-to-day activities that I am involved with.

    Thanks for sharing and have a blessed day.

  8. Hi Nisha,

    Here you go with an amazing person Neil.
    He has achieved a lot in his blogging career. He is an entrepreneur with some great qualities. He has set up many websites which are pretty amazing in their content.
    Its good to know more about him. People will love to read this interview.
    There is some great over here for getting motivation.

    Thanks for this making us aware about Neil.

    Enjoy your weekend.:)


  9. Hi Nisha and Neil

    Nisha It’s great to know that you are interviewing pro bloggers. I am excited that you invited Niel as I am a fan of his blog and follow his posts.

    Niel, Welcome and thanks for sharing your experience in the world of blogging. Your articles are great and I have learnt a lot of techniques from them. I can see your passion for blogging reflected in your posts. Thanks for sharing

  10. Hi Nisha.

    What a nice interview. I enjoyed reading what Neil Patel had to say, and it was good to see how things have worked out for him.

    He gave good advice about being consistent, and presenting details in a simple way. Well done.


  11. Hi Nisha, and of course Neil 🙂

    Good to see Neil here and it reminds me of the time when he was the guest of honor in one of my blog’s Aha!NOW Chat sessions where I interviewed him too. Did you read that one?

    He is one inspiring person I would say, and a giver as he doesn’t hold back from revealing all that he knows, to help people. I can understand the limited time such busy people have, yet unlike a few probloggers, he does take out time for replying to all the comments on his blog, which speaks volumes about his nature.

    The best part is that he enjoys blogging and doing what he does, and if bloggers can also combine work with pleasure, they would surely achieve success like him.

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead, both of you 🙂

  12. I know Neil Patel, indeed is a super cool guy, I love the type of information he share. Always help solving my problems.

    Great interview, I hope you’ll bring to your blog more top internet marketers and bloggers dear Nisha. Kind regards!

  13. Hi Nisha,

    Truly an inspirational interview by Neil Patel…..

    He is an entrepreneur and well known for his work in Digital Marketing. He is an expert in money blogging. He is my dream blogger and I want to be like him in the future. I believe that he is an inspiration for so many blogger.

    Thanks for conducting this interview with him….

    Wish you have a Safe & Happy Diwali in advance…..


  14. Hello Nisha,

    Thank you Nisha to come up with Nice Interview of Neil Patel.He is the most successful entrepreneur in the blogging world.This is really Interesting to know about him.His Blog QuickSprout is one my most favorite blog His ideas are fresh and he is a wonderful guy 🙂

    I hope that I would see some new and awesome posts, as always, on your blog 🙂

  15. Very cool interview with Neil Patel. After i read the Neil Patel blogs my blog direction turned right direction. Every blogger must read about this interview to make blogging better… 🙂

  16. What a great interview Nisha and congratulations for grabbing Neil and having him share all his knowledge with us.

    I’ve seen many of his interviews online now and I love how passionate he is about what he does. I also admire him and he’s just someone who walks the talk. Because of that whenever I read a post where he’s saying exactly what I’ve been saying just makes me feel so validated. I know not everyone does things the same online and some things might work well for some where not for others. But I guess for the direction I’m headed it just always makes me feel like I’m on the right track.

    Really great share and thanks for this interview.

    Hope you enjoy your week.


  17. Despite being someone with a lot to do, Neil always makes time to respond to interviews. That’s one thing I love about him.

    I read his QuickSprout often. It’s a highly reommended blog 😉

    Hey Nisha, thanks for the interview with this blogging icon

  18. Hi Nisha Madam,

    Very inspiring interview indeed. Of the all, I liked the reading blog posts on fridge and TV part. This shows that Neil is creatively humorous. His passion for blogging is followed my money which is never cared about and for what he is doing defined the word ‘passion’ one more time again!

    Thanks for introducing the inside out of Neil patel for us!

    Good times 🙂

    Best Regards,

    Sasidhar Kareti

  19. He is inspiring and a hard working guy that is the reason behind his million dollar companies. This was great interview.

  20. He’s the most loved entrepreneur at the present time. Being a young and successful entrepreneur is what everyone wants to be like. Interesting discussion it was! Got to know many things about him in the coming time as well!

  21. Hi Nisha,

    That is one great interview with Neil Patel. I heard a lot about him but never read his blog. This is kind of a great way to introduce him to all of us. Very smart set of questions you prepared.

    Thanks for sharing Nisha. Enjoy the rest of your week.

    Be Blessed,


  22. Hey Nisha,

    Thanks for posting this interview. For me interview is always provides me motivation to lead with different strategies in work. This is the something through you can better what you have to do when you were stuck problem. I follow neil patel and read his blog quicksprout too.

  23. Hi Nisha!

    Well, I am in love with your awesome habit of taking popular blogger interviews on your blog because they are nothing less than an inspiration of us. Moreover, following their footsteps we can even achieve more than them.

    Neil is an amazing blogger and his writings are worth reading and implementing. Thanks for featuring him on your blog. I learnt a lot.

  24. Hi Nisha,

    Great interview! You managed to drag Neil Patel over here! The questions are exciting too.

    Great job.

  25. Learnable interview posted you in this blog, good job. Thanks for the posting.


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    I will look forward to see you again around.

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  27. Hi Ammar,

    I am so glad to hear that you are enjoying my interviews here. You are so right, These bloggers are inspiration for us and helping us to move forward with the success.

    There is no doubt that Neil is an amazing blogger and his writing are well researched and helpful for all. Sounds great that you learned something from this interview..

    Thanks a lot for the lovely comment. Enjoy your weekend!

  28. Hi Neamat,

    I am so glad to see you around. I wonder that you haven’t read Neil Patel’s blog. He is very famous Digital Marketing expert as well as blogger too.

    Sounds good that you liked this interview. Have a nice weekend!

  29. Hi Swami,

    Welcome to my blog. Interviews of top bloggers are always motivational and help us to move with successful business. Nice to know that you are also a big follower of Neil Patel.

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    I am so glad that you liked this discussion with Neil Patel and his wonderful tips.

    As a scientist, you can better understand the tips of Neil Patel that he also loved to research new things always. I liked the way he shared his case studies.

    Thanks for stopping by Harish and leaving this wonderful comment. Enjoy your day!

  32. Hi Mustafa,

    Neil Patel is favorite of most of the bloggers and inspired them too. I loved the way he shared his case studies which are very learn-able for us.

    I am so glad that you enjoyed reading this interview here. Even, I love to read his blogs regularly.

    Thanks for stopping by here. I really appreciate your presence.

    Have a good day!

  33. Hi Nisha Mam,

    It was great conversation i always love to read more about neil patel.
    As he is the top blogger in our society and being a Indian i get attracted to his thoughts.

    Till now i have read every interview of him on many blogs but i never found any thing same there is everytime been a greaatness in neil words while giving interview.

    Thak you
    Ankit Pathak

  34. This is quite interesting to read this interview of Neil. I used to excited while i see interview of this guy in any blog. Good to read that and feeling awesome to read another interview.
    Keep it up!! 🙂

  35. Hi Enstine,

    Thanks for coming by and sharing your valuable thoughts with us.

  36. Hello Nisha Mam.

    First of all, thank you for making this interview. Neil is my one of the most inspiring personally I have ever seen. I’m regular reader and forum member of quicksprout and I learned many things from his blog post.

    Looking forward to more interviews from you.


    Akhil K A

  37. Really A great man who runs his company and at the same time a good blog #HatsOff

  38. Hi Nisha,

    Great interview. I always love Neil’s stuff not only his webinars, but his blog posts. He uses simple words to convey his message through blog posts at QuickSprout. And he’s also one of the smartest Internet marketers who’s striving hard to make blogosphere a better place.

    Thanks for the share, great read!

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    Neil is my all time inspiration. Actually I came through your site through quick sprout and got this awesome piece.


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