Enstine Muki

An Inspiration filled interview with the Money spinner: Enstine Muki

We are so excited to have someone special with us today. Yes, he is Enstine Muki, the money spinner in the world of blogging.

He started his journey from the blog emfastincome.com which enjoys a PR3 status and Alexa rank of 35000 in just one year.

He is now busy with his new blog enstinemuki.com. He has also developed plugins like CashDonator, scripts like ViralBird, etc.

Let’s be all concentrated what he has to share with us.

  1. Hi Enstine. First of all, my hearty thanks for devoting your valuable time towards this interview. Could you please give a brief introduction about yourself?

Hello Nisha, thanks for giving me this opportunity to interact with your readers and community. I’m Enstine Muki, blogger and PHP developer. Dad of 2 and husband of 1

I have created tools for bloggers and will keep creating them. For the moment, some of the tools I created are;

Enstine Muki

  1. What really prompted you towards blogging? Could you share some of your best moments during the first six months of your blogging career?

Before blogging, I had a platform that brought me closer to so many awesome bloggers. I used to be a very baad writer so I never thought one day that blogging was going to be my thing. However, my interaction with wonderful bloggers fueled my enthusiasm and today, I’m enjoying the exercise.

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My coming into blogging was with no formal training or coaching so I really had my bad moments. I even had a terrible blogging advice which I wrote about here. However, the first aha moment was when I had a comment from Ileane Smith who is actually one of the corner stones of my blogging foundation.

Secondly, when I made my first affiliate sale from my blog by promoting CommentLuv through JvZoo. It was like, wow! This thing really works 😉 and since then, it’s been a series of sales from my blog.

  1. Who would you give credit to for the current success of yours?

A lot of awesome people like Brian of Blog Engage, Justin the dragonblogger,  Ileane Smith of BasicBlogTips, etc influenced me in the beginning. But shortly after, I came to know Adrienne Smith. She’s such a lady. Through her blog, I met Harleena Singh. She was always the first to comment on Adrienne’s blog so I admired her big time. Her comments were (and are still) so engaging.

  1. What are some useful tools you advise every blogger to adopt and use?

I recommend Google Webmaster Tools for a start. If you care about traffic from search engines, this tool really helps you know what’s working for you and how to tweak for better results.

For list building, Ininbox is awesome especially if you are on a tight budget. It has all the awesome features in most well known autoresponders we have today. Here is how I quit AWeber for IninBox

TweetDeck is good to go for Twitter if you are dealing with more than 1 account. That’s what I use daily.

For social media exposure and traffic, JustRetweet is good to go with and for traffic without SEO or SM, BroadedNet is most recommended.

Try other platforms like Triberr and bookmarking platforms like BlogEngage, Bizsugar, Klinkk, kingged, etc.

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  1. According to you how many hours is sufficient to devote towards your blog? And how many hour you contribute actually?

I think there is no clear-cut formula. It all depends on ones abilities and objectives. If you want quick growth, you definitely should put in more time.  I personally spend a lot of time on my online projects and how much time I spend on my blog largely depends on the task I’m performing.

  1. What inspired you to come up with your WordPress goodies?

Before becoming a blogger, I used to do a lot of things in PHP. WordPress being a PHP based CMS, it became natural for me to think doing things in that line.

Being active in the industry takes me to so many opportunities that help develop ideas. I try to put these ideas to active in order to contribute in my own way to the growth of the industry

  1. How do you see yourself post five years from now?

I do have businesses offline and online. In the next five years besides my offline business, my blog should be one of the go-to places online for Money making and blogging related matters.

I’ll keep creating tools for bloggers so in the next 5 years, there should be more tools in the market from me beside BroadedNet, MyCommentAuthors, CashDonator

  1. What career would you choose if you were given a second chance?

I’ll choose to blog! Simple

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  1. What is that in blogging you find so engrossed in?

Content!. It’s one of the things that take a huge share of my time. It has to do with research, writing for readers and making it SEO friendly and then promotion.

  1. I heard you are a family man and you have work to attend too. How do you distribute time?

It’s always not easy to manage home and work especially working the way I do. But I’m glad I’m blessed with a wonderful wife. I blog often first thing in the morning, then go out to take care of my offline business and continue with blogging and online projects after work.

I do create time to have fun with my family. I play a lot with my kids and sometimes drive them around town and pick a few things that make them happy.

  1. Bloggers usually are driven by mood. Do you also find yourself sold to moods?

Blogging is like any other activity and bloggers live in the same flesh and body as others. As long as we live in this world of imperfection, hatred, changes, etc, there’s bound to be moody moments. The difference is how you manage the circumstance.  Sometimes we become so burnt out that we can’t even lift a finger. After all, it happens and we have to bounce back and keep moving.

  1. You are into web development and digital marketing too! How did you learn digital marketing techniques?

My first attempt online was with WealthyAffiliate University. A lot other things I learn on the go.

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  1. What is the best thing in the world of blogging that influenced you?

I love it when I generate income from my blog. It motivates and fuels me up.

  1. What is that advice you want to pass across the wannabe bloggers?

Blogging is not a bed of roses. It’s a profession with its own challenges. Don’t just jump into it and expect some sort of miracles. You have to go through a learning curve. That’s why I recommend Zac Johnson’s training platform.

Thanks for  giving me the chance to talk with your readers.

My Turn:-

I feel so good to share my experience and skills with you guys. All I would suggest is pick one area and excel in it. The money thing will follow you once you have something to give back to people, society, etc. All the best and thank you for reading through my lines.

  1. Hello Nisha,
    Thanks a lot for taking interview of Muki. I know him from before. Not only that, I am a big fan of his blog as well. He is an amazing, genius and helpful guy. Really glad to have such man in blogosphere. I came to know more about him through this post. So, special thanks to you Nisha.

    Happy Blogging. Cheers!
    MSI Sakib

  2. Hi Nisha

    First of all I appreciate your choice of interviewees and you pick every time a gem of expert relating to different fields of blogging and online marketing.

    Whenever I read an interview post at your blog I think this is the highest level of an expert you have interviewed and next time maybe a little lower level expert will be at your interview post.

    But on every turn you bring another great expert and I get in dilemma to decide who was the best the previous one or this one.

    It means your strategy of quality control is more than amazing and you don’t compromise a little on quality. That is why each time you have another blogging and marketing genius in your interview post.

    I am big fan of Enstine and since I started my blog on blogging niche he was the first influencer who noticed me and reshared my post to make me introduce to his friends and followers network.

    Thanks a lot for doing such hard work to craft very relevant questions to make him share his best aspects of professionalism to help learn your blog readers more and more.

  3. Great interview Nisha!

    I’ve gotten to know Enstine over the past few months through his blog and our personal chats on Facebook. I’m consistently learning things from his information and also using his Broaded.net traffic application.

    I loved learning more about Enstine’s beginnings in blogging and a bit about his life through this interview. Thank you Nisha and Enstine.


  4. Hi Twin Sister,

    Thanks for bringing Enstine here, i have know him for quite some time now and has been following his activities, he is a very committed man, he has done well for himself and the blogosphere at large, kudos to him.

    I really enjoyed reading this interview.

  5. Hi bro,
    Thanks for commenting here and I’m grateful we are pals.
    I appreciate every minute you spend on my blog man 😉 I know better days are ahead so let’s keep giving

  6. Hi Enstine,

    This is nice to see you here Thank you so much for coming by here and this awesome interview. You have really done here nice.

    Have an awesome day!

  7. Hi Nisha and Enstine

    Wow! Your interviews have been great and you have picked top pro bloggers to share their insight on every aspect of blogging. I have been following Enstine and he is top rated, cool and knows so much about making money in blogging. I also have used some of his plugins and I must say that they are cool. It’s no wonder that he is everywhere.

    Enstine I love your insight and points about blogging. Thanks for taking the time to share them on Nisha’s blog.

    Nisha thanks for this awesome interview. I have learnt some more tips. Have a splendid weekend.

  8. Thank you Nisha for this wonderful interview with Enstine!

    I love interviews because I get to know a little bit more about the person. I am a great fan of yours Enstine and admire the work you do.

    This interview brings out little things that I do admire also like you being a family man. In this day and age that is a plus! When I think of the highly successful people in the industry, they are family oriented.

    I too have my offline business and online one. Luckily they can both be done at my home office. I share your passion of blogging. Not only from how we can monetize our blogs, but more importantly, the chance to meet wonderful people from all over the world!
    It doesn’t get better than that!


  9. Hi Nisha,
    Hi Enstine,

    I just saw this on Triberr and I knew immediately that I had to hop right over here to read this interview. I’m always amazed by just how much Enstine accomplishes. He’s definitely an inspiration.

    I keep telling myself that I’m going to check out BroadNet. Seeing it mentioned here is a great reminder. Thanks!

  10. I’ve try the broadnet for a while but it seems that not a lot of traffic from there comes to my website as well.

  11. Hey Nisha,

    Enstine is a great personality now a days in Blogosphere. I know him from a long time and had saw his many invention his latest one is BroadedNet which helps us drive traffic without social promotion and SEO

    I like it very much.
    Thanks for sharing

  12. Hi Nisha,

    Its my pleasure to know about Enstine , i don’t know that he is the person behind Broaded.net , he is helping lot of blogger by creating broaded community, thanks for sharing so many expert bloggers interviews on your blog.

  13. Hi Suprabhat,

    Yes, Broadednet is a great find via Enstine.

    Thanks for the comment and reading here. Welcome again! Have a nice day!

  14. Hi Sakib,

    Thanks for coming by and leaving your thoughts with us. Have a nice day!

  15. Hi Siddaiah,

    Yes, he is the great person behind the great tool Broadednet.

    Hope you are also taking the benefit of this.

    Thanks a lot for the comment. Do enjoy your day!

  16. Hi Alize,

    You should try some attractive headlines. So, it will force people to click on your links. Hope, this will be helpful to you. Enjoy your day!

  17. Hi Nisha,
    I’M really glad to read interviews about legends like enstinemuki and it really motivates me. Enstinemuki is indeed a money generating machine 😀 ! I’M happy to read your well crafted content 🙂

    Thanks for giving me a chance to drop a comment 🙂
    Warm regards,
    Issac paul

  18. enstine muki is such a inspiring blogger. i like him

  19. great collection of top blogger with their details. Choose one from them is kind of hard.

  20. Inspiration interview. I liked the 14th question, that it’s not so easy in blogging. It does take time. But if we stay consist over the time, the blog will return back its monetary benefits.