Amazing Blogging Tips to Drive Massive Traffic by 9 Expert Pro Bloggers – Top Secret Revealed

website trafficTraffic, SEO, and link building, all these strategies are known to almost every person who holds a website online. So, is it that all of them are showered with success be it generating traffic or revenues?

Well, quite a many are lured by this easy route to success only to end up with peanuts after a strenuous attempt.

So, are all these strategies misleading? Well, let me not confuse you any more.

These things did work before and working even now as well. Only thing is you need to be disciplined in your approach and hit consistency soon.

I was on your shoes before and the tides changed when I sat down and studied the methods adopted by successful professional bloggers.

I asked the following question to some of the expert bloggers.

Q. How do you drive traffic, which kind of source do you use and what is your past experiences regarding the same?

So, you ready to take that bite!

Let’s read what our 9 Expert Pro bloggers have to say on this etched route to drive massive traffic to your blog/website.

# 1.  Harleena Singh from

Harleena Singh

Harleena Singh is a professional blogger who holds experience as an administrator, teacher, and counsellor that aid her munching more miles in the field of blogging. Being the founder of Aha!NOW, she is a known personality for helping people through her deep rooted blog posts.

Read her secrets below:-

My ways to drive massive traffic are no secret. I revealed them long ago, and probably I do so in my comments everywhere and every now and then.

I can only talk about what I did and what I have used. Since it has benefited me, the chances are that others too may benefit from my ways, but it is not guaranteed. It probably depends on the nature of your blogging, your blog, and the options you have in hand or your limitations.

My formula was and is:

Great Value Content + Aggressive Social Promotion + Regular Blog Commenting = Massive Blog Traffic 

There are many who say that only good content is not enough, and I say that they are right. Your quality content might not be of much use to people unless to promote it, beacuse unless you do that, they can’t reach to it. You can’t just depend on the organic traffic and Google.

Having said that, you need to use keyword phrases in your posts and do the little bit of On-page SEO to help the search engines rank you better.

Apart from promoting your posts on Google+, Facebook, and Twitter, go a little further and share your posts in the various related Google+ communities and Facebook groups – more the better as it reaches a wider audience.

Don’t remain confined to these social media – I get massive traffic from Pinterest and StumbleUpon too, and that too even on the older posts.

Lastly, it’s your relationships that will keep you afloat and help you rise. Blog commenting and guest posting are great ways to build relationships, and you should never lose an opportunity to bond with influencers and leverage their influence to get massive traffic to your blog posts.

These have been my past and present traffic secrets or tips and sources. Recently I started community activities on my blog, and though it doesn’t directly help you get massive traffic, but it helps to keep your blog active.

Talking of communities, various blogging communities like BizSugar, DoSplash, Kingged, Klinkk, and BroadedNet help too. But remember that just any traffic might not be good for your site, and you should mostly have relevant and targeted traffic, and this traffic should not be only “touch and go”, but stay on your site to make it count.

Newbies also use CommentLuv, and that’s okay. I think bloggers should keep studying their Google Analytics stats and keep changing their strategy to acquire blog traffic.

 #2.  Ryan Biddulph from



Ryan Biddulph who likes to take long vacations found the interest towards blogging only during his holidays. He is 39 years old and comes from NJ. Excited after he earned his 1st dollar through blogging, he is known for his determination and never give up attitude.

Read his secrets below:-

Massive traffic responds to massive value. When you give value, you’ll receive value. Create in depth, authority posts, and go overboard each time you hit the publish button. Doing so makes you magnetic to traffic, and more importantly, rabid readers.

Also, be sure to promote authority bloggers to build bonds with these folks. Doing so expands your presence quickly as more than a few pro bloggers will be happy to promote you in return.

#3.  Marc Andre from

Marc Andre

Marc Andre is founder of as well as several other websites. He got started with internet marketing by simply reading and learning through other blogs, online tutorials, some books, and plenty of trial and error. Read more here. You can also connect him at Google+.

Read his secrets below:-

One of my major priorities with traffic is to get visitors from diverse sources rather than just relying on Google. My approach is a little bit different for each site or blog I manage, but generally I want to build an email list and use that list to send traffic.

When it comes to link building I try to look for link opportunities that will actually send click through traffic rather than focusing on links strictly for SEO.

This could include writing guest posts at blogs that will rank well and continue to send click through traffic in the future, participating at niche forums or social media sites, or getting resource links from pages that are already ranking well and getting on-going traffic.

I also try to publish blog posts that will continue to be useful well into the future, rather than covering current trends or hot topics that will lose interest quickly.

My approach to traffic is different than some bloggers. Most of my income (currently) comes from the sales of digital products.

My emphasis is on creating great products, improving conversions on the site, and finding people to help me sell my products (affiliates, marketplace sites, daily deal sites). Because of this traffic is not my main priority.

A few years ago I made most of my money through ad sales and AdSense, so traffic was critical to me at that time. I prefer to not be so dependent on traffic, especially Google, because it can be a little unpredictable.

#4.  Erik Emanuelli from

Erik Emanuelli

An entrepreneur by profession, Erik Emanuelli did not take much time convert his passion towards blogging to a new profession. He picks on making money side by side through a smart utilization of the Internet and social media today.

Read his secrets below:-

So far my biggest success with building traffic has been Triberr.

I am a member of more than 60 tribes, with 5k tribemates and more than 90 million reach.

Each of my blog posts receives around 50-70 shares just from Triberr.

I strongly suggest to sign up if you are not yet a member.

You can then submit your best articles to JustRetweet.

You need to share other members content to get credits, which you can use to promote your posts and get shares on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

I find also blogging communities a great way to not just receive traffic to your content,but also to create new connections and relationships with bloggers within your niche. I use BizSugar, BlogEngage, DoSplash and Klinkk.

As a final suggestion, blog commenting really works as a way to build traffic. And do not consider it as a link building method, but a chance to connect with the blog owner.

Be sure to read the post well and leave a meaningful comment.

Most of the times, the bloggers who receive your comments, are going to visit your site
and leave their thoughts on your content too.

Building connections with other bloggers is always a wise investment of your time!

 #5.  Sue Anne from

Sue Anne Dunlevie

Sue Anne Dunlevie, owner of Successful Blogging has been passionate about business since she was 12 and started her own toddler day care group at her swim club. Now her unique talent lies in helping women business owners make more money by blogging. She wrote Stress Management Decoded when she left corporate life due to a stress-induced illness. Connect with Sue Anne onTwitter, Facebook, andPinterest.

Read her secrets below:-

Forum marketing is a great way to generate traffic to your website, but it will only work if you’re providing something of value to the forum members.

In other words, you can’t just join the forum and start posting anywhere and everywhere, just for the sake of posting. The best way to start is to set up your forum profile with your website URL, and include your website URL in your signature, so it’s automatically included in every post you make on the site.

The key is to make sure you find forums where your target audience is frequently found. You can do this by searching Google for “forum + your niche.” Once you’ve found a forum or two related to your niche, then it’s time to start looking for places where you can be useful.

I am in two forums – each one is run by one of my mentors. How I get traffic? I spend one-half an hour each day looking around the threads (comments). If I see someone asking a question, I take the time to answer it. Now, please remember when you try this, don’t sell your product or service at this point.  Instead, offer your expertise and extend a hand to help.

The more actively involved you become in the forums answering questions, the more you’ll establish yourself as an expert in the field, and people will learn to trust you and what you have to say. When you’re a credible expert, you’ll start to see traffic come from the effort you’ve put into your forum marketing.

#6.  Donna Merril from

Donna Merril


Donna Merrill is a famous blogger who came to limelight with her magical touch in ‘Blogging Magic’. With this masterpiece, she not only helps starters to sail smoothly the paths of blogging but also the advanced bloggers to discover a new level in their career.

Read her secrets below:-

You can drive massive traffic to your blog through many channels.

The ones I use most are blog syndication and Facebook.

When I say “blog syndication” I’m speaking about being present,involved, active and engaged with blogs in your niche… or with blogs that overlap your niche.

So, I’m primarily a coach for online entrepreneurs… bloggers, internet and network marketers, affiliates and so forth.  The tagline to my blog (what my blog is about) is “Blogging & Online Marketing…Made Simple.”

So I obviously have a lot of overlap niches, like, for instance,personal development and internet marketing.  People in those niches are very likely to be interested in what I have to say, and I’m
interested in what they have to say.

So “blog syndication” for me looks something like this.

I go to blogs in my niche and my overlap niches.  I find people that are writing good, helpful, compelling, insightful stuff.  I engage with those bloggers.  I do this by leaving comments on their posts.
But not just one or two liners.  I leave good comments that further the discussion their post has invited.  I stay on topic and I always try to add something.

Many of these bloggers will return the visit and come to my blog and do the same.  That’s called reciprocation.

Many of their readers will read my comment, become interested in what I do, or just want to reach out to me.  So they, too, come to my blog posts by clicking my gravatar or byline.  Then they leave a comment on my blog.  I always reciprocate by going to their blog and commenting.

I think you can see the viral power that this endless cycle of syndication and reciprocation has.  It’s been the cornerstone to the enormous success of my blog, which has led to my creation of several products and running my own coaching club for online entrepreneurs.

When you engage deeply and consistently with folks in your niche, there’s no limit to the amount of organic, home-grown traffic that will be driven to your blog.

The other big piece of the puzzle in my business plan is to use Facebook.  I simply interact and socialize with people there often and consistently.  If they like who I am, on a social level, they will
follow me to my blog to engage on more of a business level.

I entice people on Facebook to follow me over to my blog by posting occasional links to some posts I think my crowd would be interested in, and by boosting them.  I’ll look for new traffic now and then by boosting posts to audiences I may not be in, but that I think would like to see what I’m about.

So I’d say my system for driving massive and viral organic traffic to my blog on a daily business is this.  I party hard!

You see, each day I begin my blogging syndication and Facebook tasks… I don’t start with a “task” mindset.  I have a “party” mindset.

I think like I’m going to a party where I’ll see a lot of my friends, and get a chance to meet some new ones, too.  I simply engage with the most interesting people I run across, and the magic begins.

The trick to making this work is this…

You’ve got to love people, and I do.

You’ve got to do this consistently, and I mean every day.  That means, you’ve got to party hard… and I do.

The secret to maintaining a high level of consistency, is that you’ve got to lvoe doing it.  You simply MUST have fun… and I do!

#7.  Catherine Holt from

Catherine Holt


Catherine Holt is a professional blogger who realizes the journey of an amateur to expert. She never believed her online adventures would give so much in return. She is widely known for her excellent piece “Blogging Tips 101”.


Read her secrets below:-

There are so many ways that I use to drive traffic to my sites, and it really is a strategy that encompasses all these ways.

SEO: No matter whether you love or hate SEO, this is an important method to focus on when driving traffic.  If you can narrow down keywords to rank for, you will be sent free traffic, and this will just continue to grow.

To date I am not getting a huge amount of traffic via SEO efforts to my site at Blogging Tips 101 mainly due to it’s age.  This takes time to grow and Blogging Tips 101 is such a new site.  I am however building this slowly and paving the groundwork for the future.

On the other hand, my site at Smart Planning receives a lot of traffic from my SEO work, but this site is now 2 years old and I have therefore spent a lot of time working on this to now be seeing the fruits.

Social Engaging: This is a HUGE area for driving traffic and should not be overlooked.  I participate in a lot of blog commenting, sharing of other’s posts and genuinely being interested in what other bloggers are doing.  Building those networks is crucial as a blogger and if you fail to do this you are seriously missing out on a lot of potential traffic.

When your site is young like Blogging Tips 101, you need to rely heavily on the social networks you are developing.  It takes a while for you to be recognised by Google, and in the meantime those networks will build the traffic naturally for you.

The more you become connected and share, the more others will reciprocate and so the cycle commences.

Participation in Social Media: Social media is another awesome way to drive traffic to your site.  I currently find that Google+ is an amazing resource for finding bloggers in your niche where you can network in various communities and groups.  As I mentioned before, the more you engage, the higher reward you will see.  It is not simply enough to drop your links onto your profile or in communities and expect people to visit.

Guest posting:  Opportunities for guest posting and interviews are a great way for gaining new readership and building that important traffic.  Once again these opportunities do not usually present themselves without you being committed to social engaging as I mentioned above.

I drive my traffic by using all these methods above, and the use of one alone is not enough to build traffic levels.  You must be committed to working on this on a daily basis, and the combination will certainly see your traffic rise over time.

#8.  Mi Muba from

Mi Muba


Mi Muba holds an example for all who believe it is late to initiate a new beginning in their life. He made his journey through a total of 15 jobs (both full time and part time), before he could find himself fit into the shoes of a professional blogger. Coming from Pakistan, Asia, he certainly is an ideal for many.

Read his secrets below:-

Blogging without traffic is just like putting up a stall with huge number of products for selling but no one visits it. It may be because you have not publicized your stall well. Or you have not showcased the products in your stall to attract the customers. Or all your products are easily available everywhere at the same price.

If you change the above example of a stall with a blog then to drive massive traffic at your blog you need to:

Publicize your blog with on-page, off-page search engine optimization, social media optimization and to apply every method including blog commenting, bloggingcommunity participation, guest posting, top PR directory submissions to promote your each blog post.

Install an attractive blog template and make it quite easy for readers to navigate it and keep your blog’s speed fast to make readers open your blog in no time. They will be happy to visit it frequently if your blog is attractive for them.

Write unique contents of high quality that my solve the problems of your readers, benefit them in achieving their goals related to the niche of your blog and guide them how to improve further to become successful in life.

Also, while writing contents never forget search engines and follow all their necessary rules like keyword optimization, internal and external linking, image optimization and proper formatting with small sentences and paragraphs.

#9.  Reginald Chan from

Reginald Chan


Reginald is the Founder of Social Media Rush, a blog devoted to share the best social media tips. He also works with startup companies especially when it comes to brand visibility and social media marketing. 

Read his secrets below:-

When you are just about to start a blog, you got to know your niche. This means that you need to decide which is the best niche that you know and in most cases, I don’t recommend anything more than 3 niches on one blog.

New blogs wouldn’t get much traffic within the first 3 months and therefore, you shouldn’t be demotivated for that. Keep writing good articles and anything between one to two posts a week is more than enough. Of course, if you are on technology niche, you may require more posts to keep up with the trends.

There are several ways to build traffic.

1. SEO

2. Social media

For SEO, following the standard Google rules will help you to get indexed faster and start ranking on website. While this is no longer important to focus on SEO, it is always important for have the basic settings on your site. The easiest one would be using Yoast SEO for that matter. You don’t have to worry more about SEO if your site has less than 100 posts and under 1 year. Logically speaking, there is no way to beat bigger sites if you don’t have such capabilities.

For social media instead, this is probably your best bet to get constant traffic. Sharing posts on social media at the right time will help you generate enough traffic and this is probably what you have heard all along the way. However, what you didn’t know is that you need to have followers before people will find your updates and posts.

You don’t have to focus on more than 3 social media platforms unless you have a team to work with you. In most cases, work with those who you are most comfortable with. Generally speaking, I would advise choosing Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn for starters. Out of these, choose two would be a better choice.

For example, I focus on all the above but only influencial in Twitter. The rest are just for visibility and branding. If you want to get involved in social media, the first step is to get more followers and building authority from it.

Social media is meant to be a fun place to be in and you should always be sharing only the best stuffs. Avoid self selling all the time but instead, do more social sharing (sharing other blogs etc) and engage with your followers.

Lastly, social media is challenging and therefore, you need to build visibility. One of the simpliest example is that I took 2 months to build my brand visibility on Twitter and in return, I managed to connect with several Forbes Power Influencers.

If you want to gain more traffic, you got to have excellent planning and at this moment of writing, social media marketing is probably the best and most stable way to get more traffic to your blog.

My Words:-

If you observe little close, you will find that common line of advice by these professional bloggers. Well, easier said than done, you need to realize the only thing and that is consistency which when followed with all these workable tips can certainly push success to find its place in your urn.

Good luck!



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