Adcash: Trusted, Reliable & Cleanest Ad Network

Adcash is one of the leading advertising networks that have been delivering impressive results for both advertisers and publishers for many years. It accepts both small and big advertisers from all over the world. The network offers many advantages for its advertisers, allowing them to reach their target audience in 249 countries worldwide. The network gets more than 200 million unique users a day. It has a proven average of over 5.2 million conversions a month. The app is so much popular that it receives an average of 0.75 million installations a month. As an advertiser, there are many reasons Adcash should be a part of your marketing plan.

Getting Started

It is extremely easy to start advertising with Adcash. There are no delays like with many other ad networks. Signing up for an account takes just a moment.

Adcash advertising

  • Reach Any Device: With the number of smartphone users reaching 2 billion worldwide, your target audience is increasingly spending more time on their mobile devices. Besides, search volume for mobile now accounts for almost 50% of the overall search traffic. Whether its smartphones, tablets or laptops, Adcash allows you to reach your audience with your ads on almost any device. Advertising should no longer be restricted to the desktop.
  • Ease of Use: The Adcash Advertiser Platform makes it much easier for anyone to create, launch and manage their ad campaign. It is user-friendly and extremely easy to use. You will not have to seek the help of professional marketers, even when it comes to monitoring your campaign.

Advanced Targeting

Adcash uses advanced technology to allow you to target at hyper-granular levels. Some of the key targeting strategies offered by it are as following:

  • Relevance-based Targeting: There is no point in advertising if relevance is not the key factor. Relevance is important for achieving high ROI. You can reach your most relevant audience with Adcash.
  • Language Targeting: You can also choose the language on the sites where your ads should be displayed.
  • Geo-targeting: It also provides geo-targeting options so that your ads can be targeted by specific country, city or even a specific area in a town
  • Target Keywords: You can also target the most relevant keywords for your ad campaigns. This will help ensure that your ads are displayed on websites having the targeted keywords.
  • Target Interest: You can also target your ads based on interests. This helps in increasing your campaign’s engagement level.
  • Target Devices: Adcash also lets you target one or more types of devices.
  • Target Browsers & Operating Systems: You could also reach your target audience based on the browser and operating systems (both mobile and desktop OS) they are using.
  • Retargeting: Adcash also lets you retarget people who have visited your site and have shown interest.


Overall, the Adcash network uses bleeding edge ad optimizing algorithms that make targeting easier and highly effective. Its algorithm and technology is called Adcash AdApt engine that is based on almost 10 years of experience and data. It is based on more than 950,000 lines code, over 200 database queries perms, and 152 qualified and experienced developers.

High Ad Deliverability & Security

Adcash’s AdApt engine has ad block preventing technology. This helps ensure that your ads have very high deliverability rate. Even publishers will be able to have Adcash ads on their websites even when they have enabled ad blocking programs.

Advanced Fraud Detecting System

Adcash has a quick account creation and campaign launching system. Its publishers can also sign-up without any hassles. However, it has a powerful fraud-detecting system to detect any unethical behavior or trends on the network. This helps in ensuring that highest quality ad network campaign is provided for the advertisers.

Malware & Mal-advertising Detection

The Adcash AdApt engine also has up-to-date malware detection algorithms to ensure that any malware is detected and removed instantly. If any issues are detected, instant alerts are issued to the Adcash team while the malware is removed instantly.

Real-time Reporting

Adcash Reporting

An effective advertising network requires much more than just a hyper-granular targeting and quality-ensuring algorithm. Adcash’s algorithm can also provide real-time reporting. It delivers reports and stats in real-time. You will get instant information about your campaign’s performance so that you can adjust and improve the campaigns. The user-friendly UI is intuitive and provides you all the info in a simple and easy-to-understand manner.

You can also create custom reports on a regular basis, based on a price model that is best for your campaign – CPM, CPA, CPC, CPA, CPV and CPL. Choose the perfect price model based on what type of campaign you are running.

Device Fingerprinting

The AdApt engine has device fingerprinting features that allow you to keep track of device users and engage more effectively with them. This technology can gather key information without concern the targeted users have disabled cookies or not.

Affordable Plans

With campaigns starting from just $100, Adcash provides affordable plans for advertisers of all sizes. It doesn’t matter you are a small business or an enterprise-level brand, this advertising platform has plans for everyone.


Adcash is a trusted real-time advertising network that helps your brand achieve optimal exposure. It also provides an easier and more productive way for publishers to generate revenues out of their websites. With its advanced algorithm that has been developed over a decade of experience and data, advertisers can reach the right audience on the best-possible device. Thanks to its fraud-detecting and malware-detecting algorithm, it is also considered one of the cleanest ad platforms in the market. This is why it is trusted by the world’s leading brands.

No matter what device you need to reach or what browser, operating system, country, city, or town, Adcash provides you the tools to customize your campaigns. It is also extremely easy to use and can be used by anyone with basic IT skills. If you are looking for one of the most trusted, effective and cleanest ad networks, Adcash is an easy choice.

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