best Selfie Stick

A Bluetooth Selfie Stick for Everyone Who Cherishes the Moment

Smart phones have redefined the way everyone used to capture photos and videos. It will be wrong to claim that this is the age of selfies. It is not a trend, but something that is going to remain here for the future.

The selfie stick has made it easier than ever to capture your perfect selfie without any need for help from anyone.

Age of Bluetooth Enabled RC Selfie Sticks

This is the age of Bluetooth enabled remote controlled selfie sticks where you can capture your photos and videos from a decent distance. Whether you are alone or in a gang, a selfie stick allows you to capture stunning and natural-looking photos without asking anyone for help.

best Selfie Stick

There are many features of such selfie monopods that can make the tasks both fun and easy for you:

  • Take selfies from as far as 10 meters, thanks to long Bluetooth range
  • Capture photos using a remote control – no need for timing your iPhone 6S

Detachable RC

  • Detach the RC and use it without the stick
  • Lanyard protection for your iPhone so that you never have to worry about dropping it

There are many features that go in to create the perfect selfie stick and you can find this Bluetooth selfie stick on Gearbest with free shipping. They are made from superior quality materials.

For example, aluminum alloy is a preferred material used in making these sticks because of its light weight and sturdy construction. The Rock Bluetooth Selfie Stick is one of the best examples.

Portable Selfie Stick

This portable selfie stick offers connectivity through BT 3.0 and has a detachable control shutter. You can use it for any of your premium smart phones including:

  • iPhone 6
  • iPhone 6 Plus
  • iPhone 6S
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 5
  • Samsung Galaxy S6
  • Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus

It is available in gold and tarnish colors and looks professional and stylish.

Smart App & Button Functions

Imagine being able to control the zoom, video and other camera features on your iPhone or Galaxy from a distance without even accessing your device. This selfie stick comes with a smart app and a set of buttons on the RC that allows you to remotely control the functions of your phone’s camera.

Buttons Selfie Stick

Some of the main functions include:

  • Capturing video
  • Switching to photo mode
  • Zoom in / zoom out
  • Shutter control

The best thing is that this extendable selfie stick is also compatible with the main camera apps in iPhone and Samsung Galaxy.

Extendable Selfie Stick

The selfie stick, which can be extended to 90 cm can easily shrink to 21 cm and can be carried in your bag. So wherever you go, you can carry it along and have a selfie session alone or with your friends. Even the best iphone 6s accessories can be found on

Image Stabilization

One of the big concerns of our generation, image stabilization has been ideally addressed in this ‘smart selfie stick’.

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Comfort & Stablity Selfie Stick

It has an ergonomically designed handle with HD sponge for the most comfortable and stable grip you can find. And the lightweight form of the stick will ensure no extra weight or stress on your hands.

Weighing just 182 g, it is lighter than your iPhone 6 Plus. If you want to capture the best and the clearest selfies, this selfie monopod should be an integral part of your kit.

  1. Hi Nisha,

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    Nowadays people are using selfie sticks to take selfies. As it’s the era of selfies. People want to capture every moment they live. Selfies are the best way to do that.

    It’s great to know that now people can use a bluetooth enabled selfie stick. It seems easy to use and simple to carry.
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  5. This selfie stick will take photos from 10 meters away? Isn’t that more than 10 yards? That’s crazy!

    I can’t say I take a whole lot of selfies in the first place, Nisha. But if I did, I would definitely check this selfie stick out. It looks like the only thing it doesn’t do is laundry!

    I wonder if learning how to take awesome selfies could ever become its own profitable blogging niche? I might need to look into this further. 😀

    Nice post, Nisha. Keep up the great work!


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