online reputation management

9 Online Reputation Management Tips for Local Business

Why is Online Reputation is so important?

online reputation management

When a customer searches for a business or a product using the internet, they are bound to click on links that will showcase the reviews or your reputation, be it good or bad.

A bad reputation will force the new customers to sit back and think whether they should collaborate with you for their needs or shall  start  looking for other options. By ignoring Online reputation management you may save some money now but in the future you would be facing loss of revenue and would end up spending on recovering your online reputation to get your business up and running.

Business is not only about creating awesome products and marketing well to create a customer base but also to maintain positive online reputation to ensure that there are satisfied  customers.

Online reputation management Tips

  1. Make your presence felt in the online world

There is a simple rule – you have a business, then you need to have an online presence to let internet savvy public know that you have arrived! It is important to have strong social media presence using Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus which can help you to create your web reputation.

  • Have dedicated team to manage ORM
  • Share about your business, latest product giving the online world a glimpse of what you are up to
  • For fast results you can try Influencer marketing
  1. Have an active Social Media Account

Making your presence felt on the social media is not just about creating accounts and then being a passive user. It is to be out there every single day to create followers and customers where you can engage with them to build a relationship which can be termed as online brand management.

If you don’t have a strong customer base then a negative review can pull your reputation down instantly. There are many ways in which you can assess on how your social media accounts are doing like by using tools Kred and Klout.

  1. React to the posts on the social media account politely

Your presence on the social media can help you interact with your potential or existing customers giving you a clear picture on what they want or expect out of you.

You might receive good reviews which you would like to highlight on your website but at the same time you might receive a negative feedback which might pull you back. How you handle the negative feedback is what will help your company to build a web reputation.

You have to ensure that every negative feedback is addressed politely and you acknowledge the user and assure them that you would look into the issue. It is important to build trust with the customers to let them know that you care about what they have to say, be it negative or positive.

  1. Blog about your business

You need to work towards online brand management and blogging is the key to it. Make sure you have a blogging section in your website that you host for your business . The blog contents can be related to the products that you create or any processes that you feel have a huge impact in doing business or articles based on ethics or your own employees expressing themselves in this section.

Blogs with good keywords can enhance your social media and internet presence as it will help you rank well in the search lists. It will also help you to build a good foundation for your online reputation.

  1. Listen to what they have to say

You need to have the patience to listen to what the customers have written about you and acknowledge their grievances. You need to sit back and evaluate your processes to understand what and where you are going wrong.

Make changes if necessary to ensure that your customer feels his value by valuing his or her opinion. By doing so, you will ensure to retain your customers rather than push them to your competitors.

  1. Own up to your mistakes and apologise

It is a rule that every individual grows up with – If you have committed a mistake you need to apologise. It is a way to correct yourself and it holds true  for businesses also. If you have an unhappy customer in the internet world then you should not shy away from addressing his or her problem and acknowledging your mistake by publishing a genuine apology.

An apology can be in any form, by giving the customer with some valuable offer or if the mistake is huge then issuing a public genuine apology.

  1. Invest in Online Reputation

Not everyone is an expert in online presence. It is easier to manage your personal account but when it comes to business it is advisable to have a dedicated team of experts who can help raise social awareness about your company and its products.

Online presence is not just a showpiece that is good to have but a functional equipment  which can make or break your business. Hence it is advisable to make a little investment here to ensure a strong media presence in the online world.

  1. Treat your social media page as your business card

You need to ensure that your social media page is attractive and is not sounding like those spam which can create a set back to your business. Spend some time to create an attractive and yet meaningful social page.

  1. Take actions for wrong behaviour

It is important to track what your own employees are sharing about your business. If there is wrong feedback or they are expressing negativity about your business it is time to look into this seriously!

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Final Words – Your business cannot afford to ignore ORM

Above online reputation management tips can help you to have a strong presence in the online world making your business and products create a space of their own.

Nowadays, one tends to spend more time on the internet researching on the reviews and items they want to buy and hence a good review will attract new customers which will help you increase your customer base. A little bit of investment in online reputation management can help your improve your business in future.