6 Top SEO Experts to Look Out For

One of the best ways of learning more about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is by following the most reputable experts in the field. These are people who not only know a lot about SEO, but have applied their knowledge with proven results. Besides running their own successful businesses, these experts have also helped other companies improve their online marketing strategy.

Here are some of the SEO experts you need to follow:

  1. Brian Dean


Brian Dean is the brains behind Backlinko. This is basically a traffic generation service that helps small business owners improve the ranking of their sites through strategies such as content marketing, SEO and link building. Anyone that wants to receive regular proven traffic and SEO tips can subscribe to Brian’s free newsletter.

  1. Neil Patel


Neil Patel, one of the most respected SEO experts in the world, is the owner of several successful businesses including Hello Bar, Quick Sprout, Crazy Egg and KISSmetrics.  He has helped boost the revenue of companies such as HP, Viacom, NBC and Amazon. Neil has been recognized as one of the leading online marketers by publications such as Wall Street Journal and Forbes. He is the author of numerous blog posts and eBooks, including The Advanced Guide to SEO.

  1. Eric Enge


Eric Enge is well known as the brains behind the The Art of SEO, one of the most popular eBooks ever written on the subject of SEO. He is the owner of a digital marketing agency that offers content marketing, social media and SEO solutions to companies. Eric writes often on the topic of marketing and SEO for sites such as Copyblogger, Moz and Forbes.

  1. Spencer Haws


Spencer Haws is the founder of Niche Pursuits, a site which offers advice on the topics of entrepreneurship and SEO. In addition, he has built almost 200 niche websites while experimenting on how to build sites that rank well on Google. Spencer is also well known as the creator of the critically acclaimed keyword research and competitor analysis tool, Long Tail Pro.

  1. Eric Ward


Eric Ward is a link building strategist with experience with experience dating back to the 90s. He has helped create effective link building campaigns for major sites such as Weather.com, PBS and Amazon. Eric is the owner of LinkMoses Private, a newsletter that offers a wide range of information on link building. He also writes for other popular sites such as ClickZ and Search Engine Land.

  1. Lee Oden


Lee Oden is an expert in social media, SEO and content marketing, among others. Through his digital marketing agency Top Rank Marketing, he has helped numerous small businesses and major companies enhance online visibility, boost site traffic and attract new customers. Lee shares valuable SEO tips in the Top Rank blog.

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