Best Instagram Tools

6 Best Instagram Tools for Businesses

By now, social insects from all over the internet are aware of the subtle and powerful prowess of Instagram. Most know it for its riveting photo-sharing capabilities that help strengthen the bonds of friends and families; others use it to drive the market of their businesses.

Several renowned companies and corporations from across the globe have made use of this glorious app for reasons other than just sharing photos and such. In fact, Instagram also extends into video as well as social network sharing functions.

It is not, however, used for sharing of lengthy materials like cheap dissertations. Instead, it allows viewing certain images and content that help establish the point across in an instant.

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Best Instagram Tools

Instagram makes itself more useful to companies with the help of certain apps and extensions that help them in their internal operations and such. Here are some of the best Instagram tools that help in creating a larger exposure to their audiences:

  1. Piqora

Piqora is without a second thought one of the most unique and effective tools from Instagram. Its fascinating system helps its users to look for the best User-Generated Content and then publish it as pins and photos on their channels.

However, the rights to use those photos must be acquired first, which is simple as all you need to do is make a simple message of request to the owner of those photos. Aside from Instagram, you can even share those photos on Pinterest and further widen the reach of your audience.

  1. ScheduGram 

From supporting several accounts, to web uploading and scheduling images, ScheduGram is the one true app that lets users manage Instagram accounts fluently. Say goodbye to manually uploading pics online with your phone because this app does all of that for you.

It is highly regarded as the app that is responsible for publishing images and videos of the highest quality for Instagram users everywhere. 

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  1. Tagboard

Tagboard automatically collects all of the most popular social media content that use a common hashtag from various channels. The tools and features used here have the ability to make particular content appear on websites, television and large displays.

All of that precious content is gathered over into a tagboard which is then liked, replied and shared across other platforms.

  1. Iconosquare 

Rounding up analytics and metrics from your Instagram followers has never been made simpler with Iconosquare. This app instantly informs brand owners about the most number of likes received, average number of likes and comments per picture, most liked images and growth charts among others.

As an added bonus, Iconosquare also allows entrepreneurs to inform their audience on other social networking channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Tumblr. They can even further their brand awareness through photo and video contests.

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  1. TakeOff 

Instead of having to post or publish Instagram photo at random, why not try a smarter approach with TakeOff? With this app, your Instagram posts will automatically be posted when they are ready to be seen by your audience.

Whatever caption you use, TakeOff will brilliantly analyze it and suggest the hashtag with the highest power of influence and discovery. It will also suggest to you only those photos that are of the highest quality and CC-licensed.

  1. INK361 

Want to manage and view your Instagram pictures more gracefully? Then the app that will help you out over here is INK361. Some of its arguably more powerful tools are the ability to discover and connect with famous people and brands from around the world.

Imagine how wide your reach would be, knowing that you’re wooing celebrities. You can cleanly organize all of the photos in albums and analyze the stats of your Instagram users.

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