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5 Rules that You should Respect before Your Blog Generates Money

When it comes to blogging, I’ve seen many consider it an easy job. But if it is that easy, why do most of the bloggers fail while only a few make it to the top. The basic technicalities involved in doing a blog post can be mastered easily, but this does not necessarily make your blog complete. In my experience, blogging needs a lot of creative input on your part, whether you are a beginner or a professional blogger. It is an art form that you should perfect before you can generate money from it.

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Like any other field, to succeed in blogging you need to keep up some rules if you want to take your blog to a higher level. Here are five simple but vital rules I’ve come up with that you should adhere to before your blog starts seeing profits.


Rule 1# Be Dedicated

Each and every post should be well worded and of high quality content. Just like you write an article for a magazine, or any other publication, you need to make your blog post look totally professional. Writing poor quality and irrelevant work will damage your reputation beyond repair. People will start shunning your blog. The posts should be interesting, enjoyable, and visitors should be entertained and find the work useful when they leave your site.


Rule 2# Choose Your Topic Wisely

Make sure that the articles you post are related to one another and belong to the same niche. Someone interested in fashion will not necessarily look into technology related work. I often find this difficult to put into practice, and if you are like me, you can choose a particular category group that has topics which will have some common interest linking them. For instance, a blog about writing can include guides on writing eBooks, website content, story writing, novel, and even freelancing.




Rule# 3 Opt for Interesting Content

When you’re selecting the topic, you need to give what people are looking for and not mundane or boring topics. This will repel visitors and you won’t be getting any traffic. I’d suggest writing useful guides on various topics, reviews of products, stories that are fun and interesting to read. These capture the attention of viewers and make them come back to your site repeatedly to know more.

Also, focus on keeping it as short and precise as possible. Long drawn out paragraphs make readers lose interest fast. Remember that people are searching the web for solutions to problems, enlightenment, and of course entertainment. Make sure your content has all these things in the right doses.


Rule# 4 Optimizing

When you put together the necessary content, there are certain things you need to consider while verifying that the site is properly optimized. The title is one thing that needs proper attention. It is the title that people see first and click on to get to the site.

Make it readable, short, concise, and descriptive of your blog. If the reader knows what he is going to get from the title itself, it will be more effective. Search engines also favor titles that are direct. Making your title easy and directly related to the information you’re providing is the key factor to remember.


Rule #5 Blogging is Different from Networking

Blogging is not writing about the everyday occurrences in your personal life. You can do that easily on Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace. In fact, I think they have far better tools for this. Talking about your day or activities will not interest anyone beyond your near and dear ones. So, if you have this in mind regarding the topic you want to write about, you can forget making your blog a success.
As I’ve said in the first rule, blogging needs to be taken seriously and done with dedication. Passion is needed, but not on such a personal level. Find out about what topics people are interested in and also your inclinations. Arriving at a compromise will work out better than just writing for the sake of it.

Final words:-

I’ve to confess that above these rules will not guarantee your success and profits in blogging. But these will certainly guide you and help you get a better outlook. If you look closely, the blogs that follow these rules either by instinct or by experience succeed, while those that ignore do not see any visible results.

  1. All the tips are valuable and helpful for me.I surely memorize and follow all the point.Ya its true “Blogging is different from networking”, blogging needs precise work,consistency and patience and the content of post will be strong,distinctive and should aim for valuable information not our personal life.

  2. Nice post Nisha.

    I agree with all of your rules, especially number 1 – because without dedication, a blog will fall by the wayside quickly.

    I see many blogs going this way – usually because the blogger gets bored, frustrated, or sees no income.

  3. Very true Richard, Thanks for your kind words.

  4. Thanks for you kind words Suraj.

  5. Hi Nisha,
    Nice share, You have listed some nice points in this post.
    Dedication is the basic and most important thing in blogging.
    Thanks for sharing this post 🙂

  6. Good tips, Nisha. I second you on the fact that blogging should not be confused with networking.But sadly enough, lot of people make this mistake… 🙁

  7. Thanks for stopping bye Tuhin.

  8. Good post. Really good points to remember after getting money from blogging

  9. Thanks for your kind words Ranbeer.

  10. Hello Nisha,

    I agree with all your points,
    You are right. we can get success with out doing honest work.
    Quality is very very important in every field. In blogging without quality. Earn money is very hard.

    If we do quality work and do quality SEO, I mean white Hat SEO. we can better result in search engine and drive lots of visitor.

    Any way good content.
    Thanks for sharing with us

    Areesha Noor!

  11. Hi Kuldeep,

    Thanks for stopping by.
    Have a wonderful day ahead!

  12. Hi Areesha,

    Yes, honest and hardwork can bring success in every kind of work/field.

    We should make more concentrate on quality rather than the quantity of writing. Quality writing can grab more attention and increase our online presence.

    Optimizing makes vital role in Search engine ranking and ranking can bring lot of positive results.

    Thanks for dropping your comment.

    Have a wonderful day ahead!

  13. Hi Nisha,

    Blogging is definitely a form of art and with dedication and determination one can make some money from it, of course with ads.

  14. Hi Rajaraman,

    You are so true. Blogging needs dedication, hardwork and determination to make money from it.

    Thanks for coming by and share your thoughts with us.

    Have a fund day!

  15. I would add again dedication, just to emphasize it 🙂 It’s really important to be persistent and dedicated, not to give up! I consider myself a boring person, because I’ve been repeating this over and over again, but people don’t seem to understand the true meaning of this word…There is no such thing as instant success no matter how good you are in what you do, period.

    Nice post Nisha!

    Kind regards

  16. Hi Nisha,

    Optimization and publish an interesting contents are two main points that difference you and your blog from others.
    Publishing an interesting or tending contents generates more more traffic and properly optimized blog do that more efficiently!