5 Powerful Outreach Tactics of Social Media Which Needs to be Followed in 2017

The latest statistics show that around 2.5 billion people worldwide are using social media. Furthermore, the number of social media users is predicted to grow to almost 3 billion within the next three years. As you can probably tell by looking at these figures, is where the social media stands. By now, most companies have recognized social media as a perfect place to reach out to a huge number of potential customers and leads. However, social media outreach is not as simple as spamming influencers or your potential audience with ads and messages. If you’re a small company interested in social media outreach as part of your next marketing campaign, then consider these tactics experts in the field predict will take over 2017.

  1. Use a personal account

Big brands like Puma and Google look more trustworthy, professional, and official when using their official brand profiles in their social media outreach campaign. But you’ll also see big names use social media managers in their marketing campaigns when they want to feel more personal. If you’re a small company, you will do best by following the last tactic when trying to reach a new audience. And when you think about it, this makes perfect sense. The appeal of social media is mostly due to its personal feel and the two-way communication it made possible for the average internet user. As a result, customers and leads are more likely to appreciate your brand if you’re able to communicate with them on a more intimate and human level on social media.


  1. Build a network

There’s no point in leveraging social media if you’re not planning to build a system. The goal of social media marketing, after all, is to increase your following to create greater brand awareness and to reach a wider audience. You can only do so by gradually expanding your network. There are different ways you can do this, but two tactics seem to stand out: creating online groups and connecting with influencers. Create a group on LinkedIn and Facebook and invite people from your e-mail list to join your team. Make sure to be active on these groups by responding to comments and messages. The more active your group is, the more people it will attract. Also, consider sharing content made by an influencer whose image and the message is relevant to your brand. Later on, you may even form a relationship with said influencer and see if they’re interested in promoting your brand.

  1. Consider influencer marketing

And when we’re already speaking of influencer outreach, why not make use of one of the fastest growing trends in the world of online marketing. A study called  State of the Union for Influencer Marketing, Trends and Best Practices for 2017 found that 50% of the interviewed brands plan to increase their spending on influencer marketing campaigns. The reason for this being that internet users are more likely to follow the advice of an influencer than they are with brands. Among the most popular platforms where brands found their influencers are YouTube at 68% followed by Facebook and Instagram. The lowest priority platform was Snapchat with only 27% of brands using it in their influencer marketing strategy. As far as the importance of an influencer’s following goes – Marker recently reported that micro influencers (those with 10k-100k followers) have more influence over their audience, i.e. they were more efficient in a call to action.

  1. Make your profiles appealing

When it comes to social media, image and first impressions matter it is especially true when you consider how big the competition is and how short the attention span of most internet users tends to be. With that said, make your landing page clear, clean, and impressive. Your brand’s social media profiles should also base on consistency, relevancy, and a balance of professionalism and personality. Jayson DeMers who is Founder & CEO at AudienceBloom shared some advice on how to optimize your social media profiles to guarantee you lead and returns. According to Demers, when a company fails to provide accurate information about their business, this tends to turn customers away. Instead, be specific and clear about what you can provide. Furthermore, Demers suggests including keywords about your products and services to make your profile search engine optimized. And lastly, make sure to link all social media profiles to your site.

  1. Use tools to make social media outreach easier

Many small businesses neither have the time nor the budget to spend on social media outreach. To make things a bit easier, using tools like Buzzstream, Buzzsumo, and Little Bird can help speed up the process at relatively low prices. These tools help find and manage a large number of contacts as well as provide accessible research insights. Social media outreach can be time-consuming, but with the right tools, the process is made much easier.


Social media marketing is an effective marketing strategy used by the majority of businesses today. Social media outreach seems to provide unique opportunities when compared to another marketing strategy. It helps companies connect with users on a more personal level and with that, collect relevant information. Social media outreach also makes for a great ROI, especially when carried out correctly. Make sure to follow these tactics used in successful marketing campaigns, and you’ll see that 2017 will be the best year for your brand so far.