2nd week winner

1st Week Winner declared – Rankware Tool Free Membership Giveaway

One complete week has gone off in a breeze and I am here with my warm greetings to all and equally excited to announce the winner of the 1st week Giveaway offer.

My hearty congratulations to Ravi Chahar , who holds 15 awesome comments to his credit that fetched him this reward.

I hope this Rankware tool helps him discover the new traits of digital marketing in coming days, as he unleashes its full potential for one complete year free.

Do not delay and grab this free 1-year membership giveaway.


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You can also benefit yourself from other exciting giveaway offers presented by other popular blogs.

One is $100 Paypal Cash Giveaway offered by Oloyede Jamiu  which lets you enjoy the reward when you spend your valuable time on promoting this giveaway.

These days many people are glued to their seat surfing pages on social media sites like facebook, twitter, etc. You just have to spend little time promoting this giveaway which will better your chance of winning this giveaway.

The more you share about it with your friends, better is your chance.

Other one is Win $600 Sit to Stand Workstation Giveaway! Offered by Harleena Singh of Aha!Now Blog Community.

I strongly recommend this ongoing offer which helps you devote maximum of your time while working with your computer/laptop.

You also take care of your health indirectly with the help of this useful tool. Register here to enter with this amazing giveaway and enjoy your future.

Hope, you all enjoying these giveaways. All the best!

  1. I also joined Jamiu giveaway and invited a lot of my friends to join.
    Will see how this goes, I’m very excited.

  2. Great to hear that you participated jamiu’s too. Hope, you will get win.

    All the very best!

  3. Hi Nisha,

    Good morning. Glad to note the first week winner of ‘Rankware Tool free membership.’ As I expected it was Ravi Chahar, a super fast guy!

    I have also joined Jamiu’s giveaway. But am little sad that the final prize will go to only one person(just like our ‘kaun banega crorepati’) which is not good and I don’t like that concept of giving ‘huge’ benefit to one single individual and leaving others in the lurch.

    Regarding Harleena sing’s giveaway, I am still trying to understand it.


  4. Hi Nisha

    Nice and congratulation to the winners especially to Ravi

  5. Hi Nisha,

    Thanks for publishing my name here.:)
    I am glad that finally I have made it for this week. Though journey is still going and there are many other bloggers here to devote their time at your blog. But still I will try my best to win this giveaway.

    Thanks for the mention.:)
    Hope you are enjoying your day.


  6. Hi Rajaraman,

    Its good to see you here.:)

    There are many giveaways going on now a days. Bloggers are providing opportunity for their readers to get some benefit.

    As Nisha has mentioned about Harleena’s giveaway and here you can see that Nisha is going to provide free membership of Rankware tool.

    I agree with you that prize should be divided between more than one winner so that people can get more chance to win.

    Hope you are having great time.:)


  7. Hi Nisha

    Glad to hear that you have chosen the first week winner in the person of Ravi. Congratulations are in order. What a great way to reward your readers. All the best with it.

  8. Hi Ikechi,

    Thanks for taking time to congrats me.

    This is an amazing giveaway from Nisha and you can also participate in it.

    Hope to see you soon.


  9. Hi Ravi,

    Thank you for your response. Giveaways are good motivation for people interested/involved in blogging.

    If you come across any other giveaway, please inform me.

    Regarding Harleena’s giveaway, I first want to know what it is.


  10. Hi Nisha,

    Many congratulations to Ahaian Ravi (sorry Ravi – I am used to calling our dear community members as ‘Ahaians’!)

    He surely is all over and regular with his comments, and it’s good to see him get this Giveaway too. I am sure he would write about it and let us know his experiences once he uses it.

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice weekend, both of you 🙂

  11. Hi, Nisha,

    That’s awesome! Congratulations, Ravi! Well done! You’re everywhere – how productive you are! 🙂

    I like the idea of the Stand Workstation Giveaway. Cool idea and I’ve been trying to do more standing while working because it benefits your health. Sitting too much is no good, and I started to be more active.

    Thanks for sharing, and I hope you have a great weekend.

    – Carol

  12. Hi Rajaraman,

    The same question is in my mind regarding the tool Nisha is going to provide in her giveaway.

    Though I have read the post written about Rankware tool but still I am little bit confused.

    Hope to know more about it.


  13. Hi Harleena,

    Thanks for the appreciation.:)

    Of course you can call me whatever you want. You know it feels good to say that I am in your dear once list.:)

    I will try to figure out about this tool and for sure share my experience with you.

    Glad to see you here.

    Have a nice weekend.:)


  14. Hi Ravi,

    Congratulations again! It is my pleasure to announce your name here. hope, you are enjoying with this tool.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  15. Hi Yvonne,

    Thanks for stopping by. Have a lovely weekend!

  16. Hi mam,

    Thanks for coming by and share your valuable comment here. I really appreciate your regular reaching to my blog and comment.

    Have a great weekend you too.

  17. Hi carol,

    Yes, Ravi is doing great to being present everywhere and participating in lot of giveaways. He is also the winner of some more giveaways offered by other blogs.

    Yes, Harleena is offering this amazing Stand Workstation giveaway. Glad to hear that you are concerning about your health and implementing the solution required.

    I am enjoying my weekend. You also have a wonderful weekend!

  18. Hey Ravi,

    Congratulations Bro, wherever you are going i found you rocking and winning each and every competitions and giveaway. And It can only be done via Hard Work and dedication.

    Best of Luck for Future


  19. Hi every one,

    I am all tempted to restart my blog, but I want to learn digital marketing and strategies so that I can operate independently, without pushing myself for a dubious partnership.

    Do you think that can be possible?