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10 Best SEO Blogs that will Make You an expert Overnight

With the dynamic nature of digital marketing world, I agree that keeping up with the trend in SEO tactics can be quite an uphill job. Though you find numerous experts online expounding on the ten commandments of SEO, it still remains a big puzzle to many. But there are still some genuine sources you can tap information from that can help you get over the hurdles. I’ve put together some of the top SEO blogs that give you useful tips from interesting posts and attention grabbing content to technical tips.

1. Search Engine Land (

This site covers a wide variety of topics from search engine marketing to the searching issues and the SEO industry as a whole. Led by Danny Sullivan, the blog covers quite a wide database on Bing and Google search engine guides. The wide range of ‘How to’ articles, easy access to its categories, and a good search function for scanning the article entries make this an excellent source for optimization tips. Danny Sullivan shares his views on SEO and outlines some key points like

  • Personalization of results will be focused upon more for search engine ranking
  • Sharing great content is a good tactic to increase exposure and following

Sullivan predicts that Snapchat and Pinterest have great growth potential.



This is a wonderful source of strategies and tactics and the how to lists. The articles are insightful and the frequent updates of posts daily are an added plus. Founded by Gillian Muessig and Rand Fishkin in 2004, SEOmoz started out as a consulting firm, which later moved on to software development in 2008. The co-founder of the company Rand Fishkin has commented on best SEO strategy, which includes

  • Authentic style and tone of writing
  • Good content with the right messages that can bring in the links, shares and exposure you need
  • Opting for a business model that survives with reduced expenses on the customer acquisition, sales and other fields can give the needed leeway to grow without any impediment

And I find Fishkin’s advice that adding an appeal to a site with a blog, content or great design can bring about a big shift in the fortune is certainly an eye-opener.


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I find this blog has some very informative tactics and advice on the changing trends in SEO. Some of the editorials are powerful tools that have far reaching impact on the SEO platform. The main strength of the blog is its focus on SEO trends. Updated often in a week, the founder of the blog Aaron Wall points out a few facts regarding SEO.

  • Black hat is the label being given to any strategy that is scalable, effective, and used aggressively.
  • Scalability is what makes the big companies like Wikipedia and amazon retain their SERP.
  • Hedging or test running on the big platforms in addition to managing your own site is necessary to retain SEO ranking.

Aaron advises newbies to start testing on the side projects, track them and see what works best. He believes that search is a complicated mechanism that keeps changing constantly.

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4. Search engine round table (

This blog founded by Barry Schwartz caught my attention due to its roundups, recaps, and all the forums and discussions related to SEO that it features. The daily update feature gives me a lot of ideas to learn from. On SEO tactics and marketing, Barry is a Pandora of information. Here are some of his concepts.

  • SEO should be created right from the foundation with accessibility and usability as the main criteria.
  • For getting advice in forums, a newbie in SEO should look at the posts a member has, and proper discussion on the topic to guess on the accuracy of the advice.

Barry is of the opinion that the best way to get into the good graces of SEOs is to share your information and success which will be reciprocated, hence giving you the help you need.

5. SEO By the Sea (

Founded by Bill Slawski, I find the fresh approach to SEO via the IR papers, patent applications, and algorithmic technological involvement quite a big change from the normal SEO blogs. This is the best blog in this particular niche. On quizzed about the ways to improve SEO, Slawski came up with the following tips.

  • The pages with the main content should be unique
  • The content should express what you intend to get across in the right dose without overdoing it
  • The content must be related to the target audience, engage them, and also persuade them to get involved in the services like newsletter, forums, comments, etc.

Slawski also predicts that author based ranking system may become more standard with social signals becoming prominent measurement scales in future.

6. Marketing pilgrim (

Founded by Andy Beal, this blog has a good coverage of the SEO industry along with some important subjects. Powerful writing style and a different perspective makes this blog stand out from the rest. Andy Beal is also the CEO of the social media monitoring site that tracks your online reputation. On the best practices that small and medium scale businesses can use he says that

  • Small firms need to share expertise among employees to encourage more growth
  • Using new channels to promote the business other than referrals from existing customers and partners in business is important
  • Social marketing will grow in leaps and bounds becoming an important part of SEO
  • Engaging the audience is necessary for a blog to grab success
  • SEO will start evolving into a blend of optimization, buzz generation, public relations, and viral marketing
  • PPC will become easier in future


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7. Distilled (

Started by Duncan Morris and Will Critchlow in 2005, this site migrated towards an organic and paid search agency from 2007. This site believes in influencing clients and positively increasing it’s credibility in the long term. Better communication and taking ownership is the site’s success formula. On the best SEO tips Will has said that

  • Hiring smart people will make the work easier to accomplish
  • Helping the team to improve their skill and experience works in getting a better output
  • With the Penguin algorithm, it is advisable to bring down the anchors with identical keyword phrases well below 50%
  • Keyword and certain other related parameters still remain the main criterion and not the density


This blog helps creating your own personal magazine shelf online that has only the websites and blogs as your favorites. Founded by Guy Kawasaki, the blog is an enormous storehouse of information sources that number over 32,000. Here are some very short and concise SEO tips by the founder.

  • Good marketing is based on how good the product you market is.
  • Blogging should be used for the main purpose of sharing information and not on making money, which is considered an added benefit only.

What I like about Kawasaki’s comments is his intention on using Alltop to assist unknown sites and blogs to increase their traffic and help people get the information they need.

9. SEJournal (

Founded by Loren Baker in 2003, I’ve included this site because of its unique approach that is community based. In-house and independent marketers are the main source for its content. It has the latest SEO trends, strategies, news, and trivia that are quite interesting and informative. Loren Baker on SEO strategies explains that

  • Links should be focused on getting the targeted traffic and not the ranking.
  • For faster link building, getting into authority blog directories like Bloggeries and Best of the Web should be tried.
  • The best directories can be found by the backlinks they have and the quality of the sites present.

10. David Naylor (

I find this blog a legendary sea of knowledge where the founder David Naylor personally attends to all the SEO campaigns. The site has an impressive array of content that are focused on disclosure and discourse in the right degree. Specializing in organic search engine rankings and the latest trends in macro industry, David Naylor has some useful tips to share with budding SEO bloggers.

  • A good SEO should be able to predict a change without the assistance of reports.
  • Cleaning up the site, a good take on page SEO, and better internal links is sufficient for higher ranking.
  • Aggressive techniques are needed only in case of the highly strung PPC markets like pills, porn, and casino.
  • Having a single domain to work on will be better to manage than multiple domains.

David   also opines that SEO automation should include testing the links, anchor text density, and better page factor reporting, and says there is no technique that is fool proof in SEO, as the search engines are always quick to spot them. As far as SEO is concerned, the only stable factor is change.

I think that the best way to tread here is to spend some time on learning the process and get help from the SEO tips. The blogs that I’ve outlined here will help in updating you with recent trends and staying ahead of the competition.

If I forgot to add any top SEO blog. Feel free to share below in comment. I will add in my next article.

  1. My favorite are SEOmoz, seo by the sea and search engine journal.

    well – There is another site – – i frequently visit the posts by Brian, he writes on all crazy things with regard to seo. I am sure you would love to read his posts, the way i do. Good work

  2. seomoz is best of all.

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  5. all these ten are best ebooks,journals to learn SEO you can also get many tips in social media examiner..Thanks a lot for sharing this post..

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