10 Actionable Ideas To Drive More Traffic To Your Blog

Today, I have a wonderful special guest on my blog “Sue Anne Dunlevie” of “Successful Blogging”. She is one of my favourite bloggers,who I came across last year.

Today, we are going to exchange our guest posts on each other’s blog. You are also welcome to read my guest post on Sue’s Blog that she will be publishing today.

Please take away Sue…….


We’ve all been there…

You work so hard on writing a great blog post. It’s taken hours of your time. So you breathe a huge sigh of relief and hit “publish”.

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But the next day, when you check your numbers, you aren’t very happy. Not enough people are reading your post or visiting your blog.

How do you get more people to read your blog posts?

Here are 10 tips for getting more visitors to your site.

  1. Have a professional blog design that emphasizes what you want your readers to do.

You don’t need to spend a lot of money on a blog design. Pretty doesn’t get you more traffic. Having a strong call to action for visitors once they land on your blog will get you more traffic when those readers return to your blog.

A feature opt-in box is a great way to have a strong call to action. Here is a great example from Brian Dean at Backlinko


  1. Write great headlines.

 This is the most important part of your blog post. In order to get readers, you need to entice them with an irresistible headline.

Jeni Elliott of The Blog Maven creates curiosity with this headline that also uses power words like “passion”, “hoax” and “empire”.

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Blog_maven-great headlines

  1. Include links to other bloggers in your posts and let them know that you have linked to them.

This is one of my favorite traffic hacks. I linked to 33 bloggers in this particular post. I just asked each of these bloggers one question by email and the majority of those I asked responded.

triberr SB

  1. Comment on other blogs.

Commenting on other blogs gets you both on the radar of the blog owner and gets you traffic from readers of that other blog. I recently left a comment on Blog Tyrant and received 32 visitors that day just from that one comment.

By commenting on at least 2 blogs a day, you will increase your traffic and potentially be able to ask that blogger if you can do a guest blog post.

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  1. Start guest blogging at least twice a month.

This is my biggest traffic driver. (Nisha and I are doing it today on each other’s blogs).

She and I guest post on other relevant blogs regularly to drive targeted traffic back to our own blogs. Here is a recent guest post Nisha did on Tweak Your Biz on the subject of guest blogging. Nisha_guest_post

  1. Reverse guest blogging.

Have other bloggers write on your blog to get new eyeballs to your website.

Anthony Metivier recently wrote a guest post on Successful Blogging about the fears and worries that can overwhelm bloggers. That post brought a lot of comments and social shares and traffic to my site.

  1. Blogger Outreach. Building relationships with other bloggers.

This was my biggest mistake when I was a beginning blogger. I just wrote blog posts and posted them on social media. I didn’t connect with other bloggers to ask them to help promote my posts.

Here is a great article on just how to do blogger outreach by my colleague Adam Connell on Blogging Wizard.

  1. Share your post on your favorite social media channel where your ideal reader hangs out.

The key to social media is to use just one channel and then potentially branch out to others as your traffic grows.

Bloggers hang out on Twitter so I use Twitter most of the time to get traffic to my posts. But that’s for my niche. Your niche might be hanging out on Google+ or Pinterest.

See where your readers are before you decide on the channel you’ll use most often.

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  1. Interview Thought Leaders in your niche

Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income is a great example of a blogger who has grown his blog through interviewing other thought leaders. He does it through podcasting.

Even when you are a beginning blogger, you can ask bigger bloggers in your niche for a short 10 minute interview and many of them will say “Yes”.

  1. Blog consistently once a week (and spend the rest of your time doing the other 9 things on this list!)

One of my mentors, Yaro Starak, firmly believes that 20% of your time should be spent writing and the other 80% should be spent in promoting your posts. Driving traffic to your blog is the key activity that you need to accomplish every day.

That’s why it is a good plan to just blog once a week when you are starting out. You can then spend more of your time on blog commenting and guest blogging to drive traffic to those posts.

What tips would you add to this list? Let me know in the comments below!



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