Here’s a New Year’s Resolution: Protect your data for 75% off with IDrive Online Backup!

The New Year is here. Time to buckle down on those resolutions you made on New Year’s eve. Most likely, you made a promise to stop something that’s bad for you, and start something that’s good for you. But chances are protecting your data didn’t come to

Free Syncios Manager: The best phone managing software available today

If you are using two or more devices with iOS and Android operating systems then one of your primary concerns must be to synchronize files and folders on both the devices. Well, it has always been a difficult task to move or convert folder and files from

51% Off on Web hosting at A2 Hosting – Big Sale

Guys, planning to start a website? In a dilemma to buy hosting?? I also felt this on my starting days. For a part time blogger, premium features like hosting is not affordable. Even today I met a BlogSpot user who has strong desire to switch to WordPress.

How often should you use a PC Cleaner

The PC cleaner is imperative to PC health. Your PC keeps accumulating unwanted items and registry clutter with usage. The junk files present in your PC can slow down the performance of the system as well as give rise to wasteful processing. Your PC becomes clogged with

Mistakes That Lead Your Content Marketing Efforts to End in Fiasco

In the era of digital marketing, where each and every company works with the intention to dominate the market, content has to play the key role. From newspapers to 3D cinemas, content captures and influences our daily lives. However, there is a fact far from the reality

TopTips for Promoting Local SEO with Effectiveness

For small businesses wondering how to get into local search engine optimization (SEO), one should keep in mind that it is crucial to implement the strategies to capture local customers who might be searching for a service that you are offering. By Optimizing your business listings on

Browser compatibility Issues during conversion of PSD to Angularjs

AngularJs is an open source and Powerful JavaScript framework which is maintained by Google. This single page application is useful for all the developers and designers. This is termed as “Angular” or “Angular.js”. In this article we have used angular material to the support angularjs. Do read:- How

People Will Steal Anything

Theft is a Problem for Homes and Businesses Everyone is familiar with theft, especially since it will happen to the majority of people in their lifetime. Homes and businesses will face a theft at one point or another, especially if they have no security measures in place.

Top 20 Most Popular WordPress Plugins – Infographic

Since the time that WordPress came to be, it turned into the best and most effortless Content Management Systems to use. When you decide to utilize its power, you are presented with two options: create a website/site afresh on it or shift from a former CMS platform

How to Build Backlinks the White Hat Way in 2016

The most important and most popular White Hat technique for having a top organic ranking in search engines is to build high-quality backlinks. I am not ashamed to admit that, I also used some Black Hat tactics of SEO and they worked well too. But as I

Busting myths about digital marketing

We live in a digital world. And if you plan on doing business in today’s economy, you’ll no doubt have to familiarize yourself with digital marketing techniques and what they can do for you. The trouble is this: there are so many misconceptions about what digital marketing

NoteBurner iTunes DRM Audio Converter: Reliable Apple Music Converter, iTunes M4P Converter

NoteBurner iTunes DRM Audio Converter is the perfect apple music converter for me. I use it on my Mac and Windows systems and it has everything I need to get through the media file incompatibilities. There’s no more limitation that I could enjoy my audio files on