eBook Revealed – 7 Day Blogging Course (The Complete Course to Set up Your Blog and Monetize it)

  Hello to all! The day has come and I’m very delighted to announce my eBook, (hopefully) a fruitful result of my hard work since past month to organize my experience and practical knowledge of blogging and SEO and present it to my website viewers. This eBook – “7 Day Blogging Course – The Complete

10 Simple Steps to Increase Website Traffic with Social Networking

 Social media is a powerful tool that should never be underestimated. I’ve seen it create far reaching impact on the success of a website. In essence social networking is all about reaching out to your target audience, get their attention, retain it, and convert it into sales. Designing your website and optimizing it for search

Hostoople VPS Hosting: The Best ever Feature Rich Affordable Hosting You will Get

 Bloggers and website owners mostly face a big hurdle, when it comes to web hosting. Though there are several free hosting sites, these do not offer the efficiency or variety that the paid hosting services offer. But the efficient features of paid hosting services come at high prices, which most bloggers cannot afford. This is

How Can Social Media Websites Improve Your Startup

 Since the creation of social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter in 2004 and 2006 respectively the notion of social media has taken off to a whole new level. Now everything that moves send tweets, share or stream information online. The increase use of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets has also played

Sony Xperia T3 – Review of the beasty smartphone

 With the time passage of time new competitors have emerged in smartphone bazaar. Out of the top-notch smartphone companies one is Sony which has recently came with a slim device called Sony Xperia T3 having great list of features and specifications. The only thing I don’t agree with its price as other smartphone having common

Email Marketing Is Perfect For Small Local Businesses

 You may be sitting there thinking that email marketing is not right for your business. However, there is nothing to say that it isn’t right for your business. Email marketing is perfect for businesses of all shapes and sizes. It can also be used by firms who provide products or services. There is a strong


 Which law tells that apple drops down to earth? Which film starred Angelina Jolie as an archaeologist and a video game role player? These questions come to your mind now and then and you suffer from questionnaires in your mind? This disorder could be named as Trivia syndrome! If your breakfast passes thinking about these

How to Pitch a Guest Post the Right Way

 I have a somewhat embarrassing confession to make: I have written some really bad pitches to blogs in the past. When I first began offering guest posts I was relatively new to the entire concept. While a blogger myself, I had never accepted guest articles from anyone. So I had no frame of reference for

How to Increase Website Traffic without Link building

 In the present web scenario, after Penguin and Panda, link building has lost the sheen it had in the past. The result of the new changes in search engine ranking requirements is that link building is not an important criterion anymore. Link building is a definite way to generate traffic, but it is not the

The Evolution of 21st Telecommunications – Infrographic

 This infographic shows how the telecommunication has evolved over the course of a few decades and where it could get till 2020. There is an estimate that over 50 billion devices will be connected to the worldwide wireless networks. The high speed internet starts from the 3G (third generation) mobile network technology. This offered users