The Best Places to Look for Engaging & Current Content Ideas

Engaging Content Ideas

Everybody likes placing fresh content on his or her website or blog every other day. However, coming up with fresh and engaging content is not always easy. Whether you’re a professional writer or hobbyist, if you write regularly then there comes a time when you run out of ideas. In addition, bloggers and marketers have […]

Google update: Make your website mobile friendly

Google Mobile Friendly Test

Google mobile search results now display a “mobile friendly” note. There had been rumors earlier that Google took mobile-friendliness as a serious factor for ranking. Then Google itself confirmed that it was giving some value to this factor in its search rankings. Now it has become clearer than ever that if your website is not […]

Benefits of Discount Coupons in this Age of Online Shopping

Benefits of Discount Coupons

The era of online shopping is here and it will continue to evolve. There are many factors that favor its existence and development – most importantly Internet shopping means more savings and more convenience. As the volume of smartphone sales increase, every business selling products and services is building its ecommerce platform. One of the […]

Why you Should Choose the Best MBA Colleges and Study Business?

Choose the Best MBA Colleges and Study Business

There are many reasons why so many companies want of absorb new MBA passouts from the top business colleges. A management degree from a reputed business school means getting equipped with all the skills required for succeeding in different aspects of management – whether you are working for a company or managing various aspects of […]

BOOM! An awesome talk with Ritesh Sarvaiya, the founder of Defencely

Ritesh Sarvaiya, the owner of Defencely

I chanced upon this opportunity to interview Ritesh Sarvaiya, the founder of Defencely, one of the leading Indian security experts providing round-the-clock security services to major global websites. I would like to share the highlights of this interview with our readers to help you get better insights into the latest online security domain and how a […]

New Gmail Extension Warns you about Tracked Emails

New Gmail Extension

Email tracking is a strategy used by online marketers across the world to measure the success of their marketing campaigns. What you do with your emails shouldn’t be the concern of third-party companies? In fact, what you do in your inbox shouldn’t be accessible to anyone. Ugly Email, a new extension for the Chrome browser, […]

Facebook Announces Plan for Video Format Ads

Facebook messanger

The F8 Facebook Developer Conference was recently held at the Ford Mason Center in California. The social giant introduced its new Messenger as one of the first features. The new and better Messenger Platform was amongst several other announcements. Some of the announcements were made by Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg. At the core of Facebook’s […]

How an MBA Degree Can Help you as an Entrepreneur or in the Business Field?

Relation Between a Management Degree and Entrepreneurship

Only a few entrepreneurs succeed, while others are lost in the forest of mediocrity and others in obscurity. There are many underlying factors that define the success of new start-ups. One of the main factors is the skills and abilities of the entrepreneur himself. As the one leading a start-up, your business’ success depends mostly […]

5 Easy Steps to a Memorable Domain Name

5 Easy Steps to a Memorable Domain Name

You may have the most inviting, informative and well-designed website of any business in any industry and area thanks to web hosting services at iiNet, but without the right domain name, will anyone ever know about your site? A memorable domain name obviously makes people much more likely to visit your site, but it also […]

7 Incredible Facts About Twitter that can improve your Online Marketing Strategy

7 Incredible Facts About Twitter

In the life of a modern user of the Internet and member of different social networks, Twitter is one of such networks, that has scored more than 300 million users since it was launched in 2006. Many of the mentioned users are people, who lead their business there. They use Twitter in order to inform […]

A Guide to Making your Gmail Address Public in the New Social Environment


In an increasingly social environment disclosing your email in public can be seen as a friendly gesture. But it can also open all the pathways allowing spams and other maladies to make their way into your inbox. But there are ways to prevent this from happening. Here is a step by step guide on how […]