Detailed Guide on Mobile SEO – An Introduction to Advanced Guide

Detailed Guide on Mobile SEO - Insta

There are almost 1.74 Billion smartphone users today on this planet and this number is growing every month. Now-a-days people are more interested in using a phone than a desktop PC because of the mobility factor. A recent study stated that 74% mobile users use search engines for finding things to buy. It shows the […]

Google Chrome to Receive a Major Update

Google Chrome

If you are already getting update notifications on your Chrome browser, it is time you updated it. Google Chrome is testing the beta v43 of its next update and there are many new features to be had. So what is special about the newest version of Chrome? The Push Notification is one of the main […]

Collaborating on Dropbox for Business Becomes Easier

dropbox for business

Emails threads, file sharing and modifications are part of daily business processes in most organizations. But most executives can often find it difficult to collaborate effectively because of limitations in terms of in-file commenting capability in most available tools. Dropbox for Business wants to simplify things through the introduction of its new collaboration tools. How […]

Microsoft All Set to Launch Windows 10


Microsoft is all set to launch its latest operating system, Windows 10 this year. One of the most fascinating features in the new OS will be its biometric authentication system, which will be a major replacement on the passwords-based system. The company hasn’t unveiled any release date, but it is expected that the new Windows […]

Facebook Continues to Thwart Google through New Acquisition


There have been rumours abound that Facebook wants to challenge the largest search engine and become one itself. When Mark Zuckerberg launched Graph Search, he acknowledged that it was part of the social network’s long-term strategy to become a source of information. The company taking over may also be seen as a step towards […]

Yahoo Mail Users will no Longer have to go through the 2-Level Authentication

Yahoo Mail Update

Remembering passwords can be a daunting task for most people. With Yahoo and other web mail service providers enhancing their security features, it can also be quite difficult to recover your passwords. This has forced many users to create new email accounts as they are unable to recover their old accounts. Yahoo, in such a […]

Apple Innovates a New Strategy to Topple Android’s Market Dominance

Apple and Android

Android is currently the market leader in the mobile OS segment. iOS is a close second followed by Symbian and Java ME as distant third and fourth. Both the Google Android and Apple iOS control more than 89% of the overall market share between them. Android holds around 46.8%, while iOS has a market share […]

Microsoft Creates a New Product for Businesses by Integrating Skype

Skype Update

Skype has changed the way people used to communicate. Since Microsoft acquired the video-based communication tool, it has been trying to enhance its usage for various applications. In its latest efforts the tech giant has unveiled a more formal business version of the program to grow its product portfolio. The new product, which is currently […]