Killer Tips To Make The Most Of Google Analytics


This is what bloggers and SEO people say to Google after every algorithm update. Google is often bashed and criticized for what it does to people’s online businesses. But, is Google really that bad? You shouldn’t say YES if you are aware of all the free tools Google is providing to billions of its users. […]

How to Recover Deleted Data Using Trash Can in Google Analytics

How to Recover Deleted Data

Admit it – we’ve all done it. Accidentally deleted an important file or the minutes to the last board meeting. We can blame the intern all we like….but we all know it was us. Usually, the first place we check is the trash can. We’re used to the trash can being our last chance saloon […]

5 SEO Difficulties that may be Tormenting your E-Commerce Website

SEO Difficulties

Search engine optimization (SEO) for e-commerce websites is a big challenge, and it is not for the faint hearted. At times, there are overlapping challenges: dealing with product inventory, adding new pages, and taking care for the smooth going of the whole process–all at the same time. The challenges are directly proportional to the size […]

Twitter Launches Periscope for Android

Periscope for Android

Periscope, the live streaming service had been launched on iOS more than 2 months ago. Twitter has now launched the app for Android users too. While there are many similarities to the iOS version, the app takes several design patterns from Android. iOS users will be gasping, as Periscope has added some new features to […]

Ninja Blaster – Simple, Affordable and Highly Effective Online Marketing Solution

Ninja Blaster

The online marketing scenario is too vast and complicated today. I know about the benefits of SEO and social media marketing. I had hired a couple of professionals to run my campaigns and I found that the ROI was not something that could be considered reasonable. After searching for a comprehensive online marketing solution, I […]

Get More Social Shares and engagement with 3 simple tricks

Most sharing tweets

Bloggers generally share their blogs on various social media websites as soon as they are published to get better exposure and more views. The truth is most of the shares don’t get enough interaction in form of likes and retweets. Bloggers often wonder why their work is not generating engagement on social media channels. They […]

Google Puts GMeet to Internal Testing


Google has been planning GMeet, a teleconference service, for many years now. It is expected that the service is now in its final stages of development. It will be connected to Gmail, Hangouts and Google’s other services. Google has named it Google Meeting or GMeet, and it will have features targeted for use by business […]

Mozilla Firefox Becomes Serious about Security and Privacy


Google recently made it important for websites to be mobile friendly if they wanted to rank higher on SERPs. That was a big move and has forced all serious businesses to revamp or redesign their sites. While the search giant is continually upping the standards for websites to deliver the best-possible user experience to its […]

Amazon Unveils Its EFS Storage for EC2 Machines


Amazon has announced that it will be launching a new Amazon EFS storage system as a common file system for different EC2 virtual machines. The new Elastic File System will be accessible through the NFSv4 protocol. It will be especially helpful for developers and because it is based on the NFS protocol, it will work […]