WhatsApp Voice Calling: Tested and Blocked

WhatsApp Voice Calling

If you are one of the 700 million WhatsApp users, then you have a reason to celebrate. Why? Well, it seems the online messaging giant is all set to launch its voice calling feature for the Android users. Though there is no official announcement yet, a couple of days back reports of a voice calling […]

6 Email Marketing Tips You Should Follow [Infographic]

Email Marketing Tips

Email Marketing Campaigns are important elements of any marketing plan. Permission based email marketing has a higher ROI than direct mail, unsolicited mail or traditional advertising. With this powerful strategy businesses can attract, grow and retain loyal customers. Email marketing can: Increase engagement Boost sales Build brand loyalty Generate Leads Well crafted email marketing campaigns […]

5 Ninja Ways To Get Epic Content Ideas

Buzzsumo - Social reach checker tool

This is a Guest post by my colleague David Schneider from NinjaOutreach. I put out a lot of content. Between two blogs, on which I like to write every week, and guest posting, I’m writing almost everyday. Even with all of the different aspects of business, entrepreneurship, and marketing, I still sometimes struggle to come […]

How to take a screenshot to Samsung Galaxy Note 3

How to take a screenshot on Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Taking a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 screenshot, snap shot, screen capture, print screen, or anything else you want to call it is beautiful instantly forward! Don’t worry you don’t require an app to take screenshots. If you still don’t know why you would like to take a screenshot on your Samsung Galaxy Note 3, there […]

Get industry ready by choosing the right college

With the declaration of 12th standard results starts one of the most tedious searches of your life; the search for a higher education. Among the large number of college available today, choosing the right college is not at all an easy task. While most of the time this search will take you across the country, […]

How to Use Hashtags – The Ultimate Guide

How to Use Hashtags

Do you use social media such as Twitter or Instagram regularly? If yes, then you must be aware of hashtags. If you are on web, you cannot avoid this tiny little tagging sign anymore. They’ve quite literally become omnipresent in social media these days. But what exactly they do? And more importantly what they can […]

How to Transform your LinkedIn Post into a “Potent” Marketing Tool?

How to Transform your LinkedIn Post

Content Marketing, as we know it, forms the backbone of all our optimization needs; more so when a well written piece is valued across varied social media platforms. Being a professional, I had to make multiple switches from one platform to another, just for a bit of attention and a lot of credibility. My migrations […]

How to get more free followers on Instagram Instantly


Instagram is an amazing photo sharing social media network that is growing quickly. Very soon, this mass social media network has more than 100 million active users. You know what, in a day the count of photos exceeds more than 41 million. Likes greater than 8,000 are pressed per second and surprisingly the comments per […]

5 Psychological Triggers To Increase Sales In 2015

Increase Sales In 2015

Would you want to know how to rocket your sales and make your product popular among the customers? It’s a lot easier than you might think. And the best part of this is that, as you strive to expand your income, you really will be serving your potential clients better. You don’t need to manipulate […]